How I Manage My Business (or try)

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Now I'll be the first to admit that this is an area that I could use some serious help in.  So suggestions are readily received.  But I will tell you what I do:

  1. I believe in giving receipts.  Nothing fancy, but I always use the Sales Order Book made by adams.  For any order that is face-to-face, this is the kind of receipt used.  Yes, even for craft shows.
  2. I also use invoices.  Invoices are used for custom orders, but most often for photography shoots.  But guess what?  I still give those people a receipt from the Sales Order Book.  It just helps when I file my quarterly taxes that I can flip through one book and tally up my sales.  When I sell something through Etsy, I print off the invoice an write a personalized thank you at the bottom.
  3. I keep a spreadsheet of all orders for the year.  Basically because Etsy and Paypal have data that you can download and then I just add the face-to-face orders in there.  That way I can allow the spreadsheet to calculate shipping costs, sales, etc.
  4. I also keep a ton of receipts.  I've tried using one of those mileage books when I travel from store to store, but that has not worked for me, so I end up using Mapquest to tally up mileage so that I can use it as an expense cost.
  5. And I pay my business tithes (10%) every quarter.
Now, my system is far from perfect and I've looked for an easier way for a little while now.  I was reading a blog post where the author mentioned using Outright and that sounded promising, but my question was what if I don't just want to link to Etsy and Paypal; what about other avenues for sales?  And I don't like to do so many things online, so I began looking for some software this year.  Right now, since I have this Macbook, I'm leaning towards QuickBooks for Macs 2013.  I know all the reviews haven't been positive, but it seems like they come from people who have used previous versions of QB or want more features that the PC version offers.  From what I see it seems like a really good option for me.  Plus, I don't have employees.  I just want to keep up with my stuff, you know?

Again, suggestions are welcomed.

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Love this series you are doing on having your own business!

  2. I have heard good things about the QB 2013 for Macs. It is a tad different than the PC version and runs much better. I have been eyeballing it myself.

  3. You are so organized! I bet it's nice being your own boss!

  4. I highly recommend QB 2013 for Macs, it's an awesome program. I love your new look blog design.

  5. I have stuck with Excel spreadsheets. At the end of each month I tally the different totals that I will need for filing taxes such as shipping, website fees, supplies, etc. Then at the end of the year it is easy! I use GB for my real job and it has way more features than you would need. However it may be a useful tool. So much to think about in business!


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