Getting Organized, Like Yesterday!

I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I'm not the most organized person.  There are some things that are organized enough to function at home and at work, but I waste a lot of mental energy not being organized and it frustrates me.  I've made claims of how I was going to follow this or that blog's system, but every time, I can't keep up and the vicious cycle starts all over again.  I would say blame it on my teacher hoarding parents (both of them) or a dad who kept or bought things that he never had because as 1 of 17 kids in a rural community, there just wasn't much to be had.  Or blame it on my librarian mother who has a knack for saving every obituary, every documentation of special events, who has collections of books in every single room except one bathroom.  Or you can just blame me.

I have plenty enough books and magazine clippings of how to get organized, but they weren't helpful.  Well this past weekend, I found, yes, another book on organization from Ollie's (a discount store) for $2.99.  It's an easy read and from the introduction I could feel that the author truly understood the madness behind being unorganized and it seemed as if she was talking directly to me and my needs.  And the thing I like most is that you don't have to follow her book in order.  You pick what you need and get it done.  So my equally unorganized friend both have a copy of the book and are working together to keep each other accountable.

So what is this book you wonder?

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If you want to see a snippet of her revised version of this book, you can view this below.

To learn more about Jennifer and her organizational strategies, you can view her website.

My friend and I are starting small and organizing our pocketbooks.  Be back soon.....

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  1. There are a couple of people in this house that could use that book for sure. :)

  2. wow, I totally relate to your story. My family is very similar to what you described. For the past month I have been reading every organizational book I can get my hands on. ( I've read 3 books so far!) I'm currently reading Simplify your life by Marcia Ramsland. This book is helping me. I'm still pulling all the parts that I've learned to create a system that works for me. I have managed to create a cleaning schedule that is working for me so far. I would love to hear more about your progress.

  3. Hee hee.. let me know how it goes. I am certainly not an organised person either, though I try my best! But as many untidy people will say -- there is an order in the mess; we always know where our things are LOL

    1. I do understand that concept very well, but I'm finding that the more things going on in my life, the more the clutter gets to me because I can't think straight. So, I'm trying. Check back tomorrow for the purse video.

  4. This looks like it will really come in handy for you! What a great find.


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