The Joy of Thrifting and the Need to Purge

One of my joys is thrift shopping.  Over my vacation, I had the opportunity to go to a couple of thrift stores in the area.  I was determined not to buy random things because lately I've been feeling a great mood to purge.  Seriously.  The last couple of days of 2012, I pulled almost every piece of clothing out of my closets and drawers and donated them the Christian Closet.  Does it sound insane?  I surely hope not, but the need to purge has been weighing heavy upon me.

What I want is to feel is the sense of simplicity and lack of clutter.  And I want when I purchase things that they have meaning to them and have a place to go.  It's not easy when you have hoarder tendencies, but it feels good to have clear space.  This is definitely a WIP like most of my life.

But at any rate, I wanted to show you some of the neat items I purchased on my thrifting trips.

From Plato's Closet:

A brand new Aigner wallet; $8
From the Christian Closet:

2 dream catchers for $2 each, 2 handpainted teal plates for $1 each, and a shelf for $0.25

From the Country Cottage:

a mirror for $5; I plan on painting the brown parts white
Happy Thrifting,

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  1. I LOVE thrifting!! I had been in a cleaning-purging mode for a week now...I see the light

  2. I plan on going thrifting!It's good to see other people like it to.

  3. It's fun looking for all those great deals. I'm waiting till it warms just a bit here so I can get things out in the garage and go through it all. Single digits in the morning just isn't fun to deal with. :)

  4. I am at the stage of my life when I really love to get rid of things. We have accumulated so much stuff -- both things we have bought and inherited things. I really don't feel like I can buy anything, especially for the house, because I already have too much!

  5. Great finds! I love the shelf and mirror. You will be able to spruce them up and give them new life!!! Purging always feels good. I usually make a drop off at least twice a year at the local Salvation Army store. I love shopping there too!!!

  6. I LOVE that wallet - great finds!!!


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