Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #29

Sometime between last night and this morning, my mom decided that she was serious about purging some items from the house.  I'd have to agree that those decorations and home decor items from 1970s-1980s are probably safe to let go.  If you're not going to recreate something out of it, then pass it on to someone who will.  So this morning she made me look through these items just to see what I wanted.

At first I thought, "I don't want to add anything else to my stash.  I just let 3 bags go at the end of the year."  But you know I found something I wanted to keep.  I couldn't help it.

Vintage buttons and snaps that my mom purchased when she used to be so tiny that all her clothes were custom made
I'm going to unscrew the particle board off the back of these frames and spray paint the frames.  I love that rattan/lattice design.

And who knew that my mom would find this letter I wrote and mailed to her when I was 8 years old.  And on Cabbage Patch Kid stationary!

My mom went to graduate school for 4 years when I was in elementary school.  She lived on campus for 4 summers and I missed her a lot so I always wrote her letters.

And guess what?  Do you remember one of my holiday wishes?  Well it came true.  I finally am the proud owner of a Macbook Pro!  It came earlier this week, but I waited until yesterday to start setting it up, downloading necessary programs and such.  Where is it now?  Back in the case just like it came until I get that protective shell to come in.  I want to protect my investment.  :-)

I've dreamed of this day for so long and thanks to a 0% interest financing and an educator's discount program, my dream has come true!
Happy Saturday,

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  1. yay your macbook pro! woo hoo!

  2. Wow, she kept your letter!! congrats on your new computer

  3. Look at that pretty computer! You are going to have fun with that. :) And for your Mom to keep all those letters from when you were little. That is just so awesome! It chokes me up. :)

  4. Nice post: something old, something new. Enjoy your MAC!

  5. Love the Cabbage Patch stationery! So sweet that she saved it.


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