A New Perspective {Vlog}

Guess what my friends?  I can see!!!!  When you wear the same glasses for a while, they tend to get banged up over the years, a scratch here and there, but you think you can see just fine until you get a brand new pair and everything is crystal clear!

There was such a great deal on the glasses + my vision insurance that is better than the one I'd had all these years, caused me to do something I've not done before - purchase two pairs!  Yep.  I was able to get two pairs for basically what I would have paid for one.  But even more than that, I have never been so excited about a pair of frames.  I've wanted these style of frames for so long, but for different reasons I've never been able to get them until now.  What say ye?

Pair #1:  Black and Lime (Plastic Frames) - Nine West

Pair #2: Pink and Black (Metal Frames) - Armani Exchange

And because I'm loving this vlogging thing, I've created a short vlog on my Saturday out with my mom.  Also, the day I got these glasses.  Oh, joy!

Happy Monday,

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  1. Man did you score on all that you found! Em said you have the sweetest voice. She said she would love to have you as a teacher every day. :)

    1. Please tell Em that's the best compliment! I would definitely welcome her into my classroom. :-)

  2. I think I like the black glasses the best because they are so fun with the fancy sides, but both look really cute. We have a local store like your Nature store. I buy all my spices there because they are so much fresher. Looks like you had a fun day shopping!

  3. I like both pair if I must say, however my favor is the red pair. I really like your self portraits too, very nice smile. :-)


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