Life As I Know It - Weekly Update #26

Hello good people!  You miss me? :-)  I've definitely missed blogging on my space and I've missed you guys and gals so much.  There's so much to be said, but I will try my best to break it into future posts.  So let me start with the most important news.  My dad.

So if you're wondering where I've been, just know that since Oct. 3 we have been dealing with the shock of my dad going into a coma.  I'll skip all the drama as to what put him in that, but just know that's what's going on.  Let me also say that yes, I'm one of those who believes in miracles.  And there have been so many trickling through this process.  But, most recently here's the scoop:  (1) My dad has been vent dependent, (2) He has been running an infection, (3) He was supposed to be transferred to a skilled nursing facility in another state because there are only 3 in our state and they were all full.  This we found out during the Thanksgiving holidays.  Here are the miracles:  (1) My dad breathed on his own for 4 whole days this week! (2) The feeding tube was misaligned, he had surgery to get a new one and they found the source of infection.  He also went through the procedure beautifully, still without the vent. (3) On Friday he was able to move into the skilled nursing unit in the hospital he's been in and does not have to move out of state.  Yes, he's still in a coma and yes, they put him back on the vent Friday afternoon, but I'm still seeing all the miracles in the process.  All the glory and praise belongs to God because only He can make these things happen.

Because the hospital is about 80 miles away, you know I always take my yarns with me.  A nurse purchased two pink and white monkey earflap hats from me.  And the other employees usually stop and make conversation when they see me crocheting in the lobby.  Last week, the hospital installed a new fireplace and the other day they put up a Christmas tree.  So imagine what it looks like with me sitting out there crocheting away.  Picturesque, they tell me.

Last night I started and finished a hat to which I will make a matching cowl.  I think that will make a cute set.  (BTW, if you haven't tried using Red Heart's Love yarn, you're missing out on something pretty terrific.  It puts the Super Saver line to shame.)

Since all of this happened, I've been staying with my mom.  And gradually I've been bringing more and more things from my place to hers, namely, yarns!  Ok, when I look around the room that used to be my brother's, I just see yarns coming out of everywhere.  But, I've been using them.  On another post I will show you the latest hat creations because this one has gotten pretty long.  Thanks for hanging in there with me and being patient while I've been gone so long.  :-)

And since you haven't seen me in a little while, here I am.  When I look at myself, it seems that I lost the weight (most likely due to stressful times and odd eating habits) that I was trying to lose by running.  Speaking of running, I went to the doctor yesterday and he encouraged me to get back to running so as soon as I can get a schedule or at least something to wear for this season, I'll pick back up with Week 9 of the C25K running plan.

Happy 1st Day of December,

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  1. Bless your heart. I have been thinking about you and your father. I am so glad that he doesn't have to move out of state. That must be a huge relief. And the fact that he was able to breathe on his own for several days has to be a good sign. I'll continue to send good thoughts your way and hope that he is conscious by Christmas. Wouldn't that be the best present?

  2. I am so hoping things will improve for your father. I know how hard it must be for you! I am also glad to hear you plan to get back into running. And I can't wait to see those crocheted creations you are going to share!

  3. Hi Libby,
    I am happy to hear of your dad's miracles. I can not imagine what it must be like to have a parent in a coma. I hope the new year coming is going to be a good one for his health! Hopefully you will be able to get back into running soon since that does wonders for stress. Wishing you a good week ahead. :)

  4. Praying for your dad to get better! It is no fun to be waiting at the hospital. Looking forward to see what's been keeping you busy.

  5. be encouraged, and keep believing in miracles...miss reading your posts. Hope your dad fully recover asap. Hugs, Daniela


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