It's Hat Season

While it's true that I could wear a hat year-round, for most, the weather dictates when it's officially hat season.  And apparently for many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, that time is now.  So here's what's been on the hook lately (and a couple of hats I forgot to photograph a while back.)

Chocolate Brown Beanie - for Michelle
Autumn Earflap Hat - for Michelle
Pink on Pink Baby Monkey Hat (3-6 months) - for Nayla
Striped Baby Hat
Striped Beanie (Adult)
Striped Earflap Hat (Teen and Adult sizes)

UNC Toboggan - for Steve
Baby Monkey Hat (0-3 months)
* Monkey Hat pattern by Mamachee.

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Love all the colors you used in your hats. They look great!

  2. those came out great! my favorite is the striped earflap.

  3. Hi Libby! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment - I do appreciate it :) Your work is simply stunning and it looks so perfect! The baby monkey hat is just too cute :) I hope you have a wonderful week!


  4. My goodness Libby, I love all of your hats. I love the colors you chose for each one.

  5. Awesome hats Libby, I love them all. I'm a huge Laker/Steeler fan. Hint hint.

  6. The monkey hats are so, so cute! I always loved earflaps. Not just because they are fun, but since I live a in cold region in the winter I need to cover the ears!!!

  7. The striped ones are my favorites. :-) I'm curious...on the striped earflap hat, did you use variegated yarn or did you coordinate the stripes yourself? I'm thinking of trying a crochet intarsia pattern that looks a lot like that striping...

    1. The autumn earflap is a variegated yarn, but the other striped earflap is my own doing. I just kept looking through my stash of coordinating colors. Have fun with that intarsia pattern. You've very brave! :-)


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