Highlights from my Christmas Vacay and other stuff

So, officially we've had about a week out for Christmas vacation.  In the past it's been two weeks, but I'm thankful for the time away.  So, curious friends of mine, what's been going on around here?  Well, let's see...

Christmas Day
We went to our usual 10:00 a.m. church service and afterwards, my mom and I traveled to her mom's town.  About 4 hours away.  Of course it was different with my dad not being there, but it was nice to have a change of pace and to see aunts and uncles and cousins.  And of course, my grandma!

We finally finished ordering and thumbing through a gazillion photographs enough to create my grandma two albums - one for my brother's wedding 2 years ago (yeah, we were seriously behind) and the other for her 80th birthday celebration.

My gift to her was a framed set of black and white photographs of the different generations: (1)Grandma and all her kids and (2) Half of the grandkids and 1 great-grand.  I wish everyone could have been there, but that's very difficult to make happen.

After a tasty meal (can you believe I didn't take photos?), I started feeling sleepy around 6:30.  I decided to take a nap, which I never do, and guess what?  I woke up 8:00 a.m. the next day!!!!  My grandma has those shades that filter light and apparently I was exhausted.

Then, the following day, we made visits to other family still in my mom's hometown.  At one uncle's house, I took great pleasure in looking at his old photo albums.  And guess what I discovered?  Photos of my family from waaayy back in the day.  I took a photo with my cell phone, but on my next visit, I plan to bring my scanner and get copies of all these memories that none of the rest of us have seen.

So that's me to the right, hiding behind a plate of food.  I was very picture shy in those days.
And this is my brother on the right.  Not so shy.

Other Christmas Things and Acts of Kindness
So, for some reason, I like to open my gifts when I'm feeling a certain way.  Sometimes I have a gift sitting before me for days before I'm ready to open it.  The kids at school gave me some gifts which I finally opened yesterday, so I wanted to share them with you.

crocheted dish cloths, potholder, and dish detergent cover; plus a reindeer cover for Kleenex
a plaque
sweets, a jumbo eraser, lipgloss, and a Christmas mug
In addition to these gestures of appreciation, four of my aunts got together and presented both my mom and me with this huge care package.  I mean huge.  She opened hers that day, but again, I opened mine last night.  Everything was carefully placed inside and full of so many wonderful, thoughtful things.  This was their way of helping us through these difficult days and to let us know that they continue to keep us in their thoughts and prayers.

and this was an additional gift - a piece of pottery made by my aunt (it's a spoon rest)
And did I get to see my dad over the holidays?  Yes, twice.  We decorated his room with Christmas cards and a poinsettia.  I was just glad to see him.  More on that later.

And guess what?  The director of speech pathology is teaching me how to successfully swallow pills.  So far, I've been able to swallow 3.  He told me next time I visit I have to report to him.  lol

There's much more to share, but that's enough for now.

Happy New Year's Eve,

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  1. Your Christmas sounded lovely :)

    Happy New Year, my friend!


  2. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. What a great gift from your family and your sweet students! How awesome! Love the pictures of back in the day. Too cute!


  3. glad you slept so long! you needed that! Happy New Year!

  4. I like the care package. I think gifts like that are fun, with lots of different things to check out. And I especially like the picture of you as a little girl. How fun it must have been to come across those unexpected images. Best wishes to you, Libby, for a happy 2013.

  5. The care package is amazing, and so is that spoon rest! Your aunt is talented!


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