So, How Do You Like Your Kale?

I've been craving "greens" lately.  It started off with cabbage.  I just couldn't get enough.  Really.  And then it continued with the idea of kale.  Now around here, collards are king, but kale really is good too.  I've yet to find the right "recipe" for cooking greens without any meat so suggestions are welcome.  And no, I don't like that often bland taste on greens you get with hospital and sometimes cafeteria food.  Flavor please.

So how do we cook our kale?  This time I boiled a smoked turkey leg with some crushed red pepper into a large pot.  Cut the kale into small strips (it's hard to tell with it being so curly and all) and then washed them.  Placed the greens into the pot and watched them wilt down and cook until done.  A little salt to taste and voila.  Kale's ready to eat.

Here are some yummy looking kale recipes that I haven't tried yet:

Kale Fried Rice:
Kale Chips:
White Bean and Kale Soup:

For those of you who eat kale, how do you cook yours?  Inquiring minds want to know.  :-)

Happy Cooking,

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  1. I love kale. I cook it with garlic, salt and pepper. I recently had curry cabbage and it was really good that way.

  2. Soups and pasta are my favorite way to have kale. YUM!!!

  3. we like kale chips. i also like putting kale in smoothies!

  4. I am not even sure what "kale" is so I don't know how I like mine or even if I had eaten it before. However, if it tastes bitter I won't like it in any way! lol If not... not sure. Where is my dictionary?!

  5. Great ideas! I like kale in soups. I actually want to try something I saw last week on tv. The chef blanchard huge pieces of collard greens. Then rolled a ricotta filling in it, then baked the pieces! I was intrigued!

  6. I love cabbage and kale. My grandmother used to make it. She would put them both in a pot. It had a sweet, yet spicy-peppery kick to it. Loved it!

  7. We eat kale a lot in Kenya. Its called sukumawiki. I like it fried with lots of tomatoes and onions. And Royco, our favorite spice!!I dont know if its sold there!

  8. Hi Libby!

    I was glad to see that you're happy! That's right, my friend!
    Libby, I will explain to you as we prepare "Couve à Mineira" or Mining Kale.
    Mining? The term comes from the state of Minas Gerais/ Brazil, where the cuisine is known for being very tasty.

    Couve à Mineira

    Wash the stalks of kale and cut into strips.
    In a pan put a little olive oil and 04 cloves of minced garlic over medium heat.
    When the garlic is golden, place the cabbage, a little salt, and give a light fried and fast!
    Do not cover the pan, because the intention is not to create water.
    Someday I'll post a recipe for cabbage that accompanies famous mining.

    Love it!

  9. I like it raw! I generally start my day with a green smoothie, using kale as the 'green'.

    A fist full of kale
    2 ripe bananas
    Pineapple or mango
    6 oz water


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