"Pretty in Pink" Vintage Table Decor {Tutorial}


Recently, my grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday.  One of my tasks was to decorate the fellowship hall for her birthday.  I decided to create a "Pretty in Pink" Vintage theme.

Over the years I've noticed that when my grandmother dresses up, she always wears pearls so I wanted to include that in the decor.  Lots of pink and lots of pearls.

For the tables:
All of the tables had floor-length white tablecloths.  On the guest tables, I cut hot pink plastic table clothes in half and use those as runners.  For the head table, kept the tablecloths in tack and allowed those tables to only show white on the bottom hems.

The centerpieces:

On the guest tables I created the following centerpieces:

  1. clear, plastic dessert plates
  2. 4.5" (11.4 cm) white paper doilies
  3. light pink tulle
  4. green votive candles
  5. glass punch cups and/or champagne glasses (remember when I went to the thrift store?)
  6. plastic pearls (remember when the card store went out of business?)
Place a doily inside the plate.  Stuff the glass cup or champagne glass with a piece of tulle and place the votive candle inside.  Place the cup on the plate, then drape the pearls over both.

On the head table I created the following centerpieces:

  1. white bud vases (again, mine came from the thrift store)
  2. artificial floral stems (I purchased one stem and cut them apart)
  3. plastic pearls 
  4. clear, plastic dessert plates
  5. white paper doilies
Line the plastic plate with a doily.  Place the bud vase on top.  Place a floral stem inside the vase and drape the vase with the pearls.

No one seemed to mind that the plastic pearls had basketballs on them.  :-)

If I could have added one more thing, I would have printed out several of my grandma's old photographs of herself and had them in tiny frames either on the tables, on the gift table, or on some side tables placed around the room.  But my grandma was very adamant that she didn't want any photos this time.  But I still think it would have been a great idea.

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Libby,

    I love your idea!
    The color pink has an up and vintage pieces, the romance!
    I love pearls! No matter what is done, they are beautiful and elegant.
    When I was in Expoflora in Holambra, remember? Where was the flower show sponsored by the Dutch and their descendants, saw a cup decorated with lace and a satin ribbon on the handle.
    Next week I will post a picture for you.
    Well, it would be great that your grandmother would allow the photos, but she is ARRETADA as the bahian people say.
    At Christmas I will copy your idea. Loved!
    I'm laughing at your grandmother! So imagine how she would have talked about the pictures ... lol
    Oh God! :D

  2. The pink color is very attractive and this is favorite color of many ladies. Your grandmother would definitely loved that. You can also use such design ideas in your house. Some people have very old furniture and they are unable to replace it, such ideas will help them in making their furniture attractive. Attractive furniture changes the look of the house. Custom designed furniture available at Jarrimber has many different designs according to requirements.


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