This isn't a *hair blog*, but you know I mention it periodically because it's a part of who I am.  I didn't spend my time doing a lot of length checks this year, but I do recall a time not so long back when I did get my hair blow dried (professionally because I rarely use any heat on my head; in fact, I didn't own a blow dryer for years until last year) and realized that I didn't have much growth between the previous time and that one.  It was most likely during those hot summer months.

Well, since I've been jogging, I've been curious, but not overly concerned, if my hair was holding up.  Because of the nature of my hair, any type of moisture means it will shrink to no end, so it's hard to check the length unless I have it blow dried or straightened (which I haven't done in over 2 years).

Let me give you a visual:
This is my hair when I wash it.  It shrinks to this length, regardless of how long it is.

This photo is to show you that my hair is actually very, very curly.

This is how it looks when I allow it to air dry after sealing the moisture in with an oil.  This is still wet hair.

But Tuesday I went to a salon and had my hair washed and blow dried.  I was amazed to find out that my hair had still been growing, even in spite of all that sweating and shrinkage.  The pictures can't do it justice.  I wish you could see the volume of my hair.  AND, it's almost shoulder length now, so if I did have it straightened, it would definitely be shoulder length.

A big difference from when I chopped it off 3 years ago (on my 33rd birthday).

Now, who knows what it will look like after tomorrow's race, so I thought I'd show you now.  :-)
Until next time,

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  1. I love how your hair looks with the blowout Libby! Beautiful! Good luck with the race tomorrow. :)

  2. blessings and strenght on your race tomorrow! Hope you have a good day hair too:)

  3. Wow! Amazing how much curly hair shrinks when wet, ay? All us curly girls know about that. No matter how tight or loose the curl, it will still shrink. My hair has a looser curl and there's still shrinkage. (LOL) AND it really is amazing how long it is when blown dry! Anyhoo, awesome post. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvv your natural hair!! :D Best of luck with the race.

  4. Libby,

    Long time ago, the people here called this type of hair: "molinhas"! :-)
    If you use certain products, make sure your hair will stretch without a surfboard.
    Good luck in the race!


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