Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #24

Special thank yous to those who have been inquiring about my dad.  He is still very ill right now, but has been transferred to a different hospital that specializes in patients like him.  Because of the distance, we are unable to travel as much to visit him, but thank God for family who live closer to that hospital who have been a great support system and have been there in our stead.

Since my dad's sudden illness, I have been a busy bee working on a blanket that I obligated myself to a little less than a year ago.  Blankets have ceased to be my favorite thing to make (probably because when I first learned to crochet all I ever made was blankets), but most years I go through a blanket-making spell.  Usually that occurs during snow storms or in situations where I'm in one position for a long time and want to work on something that doesn't require too much attention.  Such would be the case right now, so I worked on this "man-child's" blanket in the hospital waiting room and during the evenings when I returned home.  And now, it is complete!


After I was almost done I was told that they wanted the little one's name on the blanket, so I opted to stitch his name in the bottom right-hand corner.  And guess what?  Although I did buy a skein or two, all of the yarns for this blanket were found in my stash.  My stash could stand a couple of more stripey blankets just to downsize.  If we get snow this year (which I do suspect), this might be the perfect time to destash these random yarns.

Maybe it's been all the running and ripping.  Maybe it's been the changes in temperature.  Maybe it's just because it's fall, but my sinuses started acting up this weekend.  So now, I'm keeping these special tissues nearby.  Sure helps in the breathing process.  :-)

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And finally, I had my first cup of chai latte this week.  The concentrate was from the Oregon Chai company and I mixed it with almond milk.  I definitely liked the flavors, but now I want to try a "real" chai latte and see if it can be richer just to see how it should taste.

Happy Saturday,

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  1. Love how the blanket turned out! There's going to be one happy little man with that blanket. :) Take a breather this weekend and relax, as much as you can. :)

  2. nicely done! ...and I love chai! (I make mine with whole milk)

  3. Hi Libby,
    I am sorry to hear your dad is ill. I hope the doctors work their magic. :) The blanket is gorgeous and perfect for a man. Isn't chai latte delicious? Colder months come with great comfort beverages.

  4. So sorry to read that you dad is ill. Praying for his health. Your blanket is gorgeous. I love those colors. I haven't had a chai lattes before. I think I must change that soon.

  5. Hi Libby!

    I'm praying for your dad! The blanket is georgeous!

  6. Nice blanket! I love how you embroidered the name. I never thought of that!
    This is my first time hearing of Chai latte. Does it taste good?

  7. The blanket turned out great. I really like the cream border. And using yarn you already had? Perfect!

  8. You and your family are in my prayers. That blanket looks so lovely and cozy.

  9. That blanket is so cute. Wish I could have the courage to start such a huge project. But, maybe soon!Praying that your dad feels better!


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