Grandma B Turns 80!

Grandma B - age 22

In August, my grandma turned 80...twice!  Well, not technically but she does have two birthdays - the one her mother told her was her birthday and the one the county record says is her birthday.  Fortunately they were in the same month, so now we have switched to the one that the county has.  Blame it on the busy midwives of that day.  :-)

If you recall, my grandmother hates surprises so she knew that our family was planning a special birthday program for her at my uncle's church.  What she didn't know was that the entire church would be filled with friends and family both near and far.  My grandma claimed they came to hear the guest male chorus group perform, but we all know they came for her.  In fact, no one knew that group was going to be there but us because well, we invited them.

The program was filled with singing, attributes from the family, yours truly recited a poem, more singing, and special presentations.  The color of the day was pink, because after all these years one daughter knew that that was my grandma's favorite color.  Grandma even ordered a pink suit for herself from the catalog.  (Did you know you could still do that?)

My great-aunt and uncle singing some made up song about Grandma set to the tune of "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain"
and yes, it really was a funny song!

I had the pleasure of preparing the programs and decorating the fellowship hall.  In pink, of course!  A later post will include a tutorial of the centerpieces that were created for this occasion.


And you know there was so much food.  Let me repeat.  So much food.  Then cakes and then the birthday cake.  There was so much food left over that we had to all split it up and make take out plates once we got back to grandma's house.


It warmed our hearts to see Grandma B so happy on her special day.  She's witnessed a lot in her years and has plenty of stories that maybe someday she'll share.  In the meantime, I'm going to keep taking photos of every family event so her photo albums can tell the story, even if she won't.  I will admit.  I never get tired of looking through her albums.

Grandma B hanging out with some of us grands and great-grands

Happy Birthday, Grandma B!  May God grant you many more.  :-)

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  1. how fun! ..yeah, she didn't look to excited in the first picture :)

  2. What a wonderful day! Wow, your grandmother's a real beauty.

  3. Libby,

    Oh, my God!!!
    What a wonderful celebration, my friend!
    I loved your grandmother! Do you know why?
    Because she have a self respect in the face, noted for her photo when she was young.
    Se is the Queen as the says in Salvador/Bahia. She has personality and you inherited it.
    She is also vain! I loved your pink suit!
    The decor was beautiful. As the Brazilians say: NOTE 10!
    The surprise???
    Tell me, what your grandmother said about it? I wish I had seen his face ... :-D
    Because I'm not a brave though it seems ... lol
    Libby, you have a beautiful family, in fact, you're beautiful too!
    The food, the food! Oh God!
    My eyes rolled pinwheels done!!
    Wish your grandmother good health and peace!
    And you, dear people who organized it all, a big hug!
    My feeling is that I was there too, seriously!
    Can I honor his grandmother on my space?

  4. For a moment I thought your grandma B. was born on the same day as me and wondered how didn't I notice that earlier. lol
    She was quite a beauty in her young years!! In my family we have also two birthdays for certain women (late grandma, aunt). However, men have their dates registered accurately.
    I am glad she had such a nice day and everything was perfect.

  5. Your family really knows how to celebrate a life!! I totally fell in love with the last shot.

  6. Happy birthday to your grandmother! She is a pretty lady, but, boy, she was kind of a knock-out in her youth! So attractive and maybe just a little bit of attitude to go with it. Looks like a wonderful celebration.

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time! What a lovely lady she is, you have her genes!!

  8. Looks like an awesome party! I love that picture of your grandma when she was 22. That dress she is wearing is so pretty. What are parties for without tons of leftovers :)

  9. happy to your grandmother!


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