Fish On Fridays

Today my uncle (my mom's brother) brought my grandma and aunt down to visit.  For anyone who knows this part of my family, they know that when my uncle comes around, there will be food prepared by him and it will be good.  And if you cross your fingers and make a wish, you might get fresh fish.  And that's what we got today!

Fresh fish, fried.


Cornbread made with buttermilk and creamed corn.

Lima beans cooked in stewed tomatoes.

Simple, but oh so good!  Thank you, uncle.  :-)

And if you're wondering how we get that fish odor out of the house, here is what we do:

Boil apple cider vinegar mixed with cinnamon and allspice.  Makes the house smell super yummy.

p.s.  I got invited to a quinceañera on tomorrow.  I'm so excited.  It will be a nice change of pace for the weekend.  :-)

Happy Friday,

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  1. in Italy most people still eat fish on fridays

  2. I sure hope you had some extra bites for me Libby. That is some tasty looking fish. Glad to hear they made it in okay from their trip. :)

  3. Your plate looks delicious. I love lima beans, but never had them that way. I will have to try them like that next time.

  4. It all sounds so delectable....and looks it too!

  5. Delicious! I like fried fish!
    Our beans are different. Some day I'll post as we do.
    Bon appetit!

  6. It is so wonderful when someone else does the cooking! Interesting tip for removing the fish odor. I never got into eating fish because my mom would make it for herself when I was young (The rest of the family would not eat it). Well the house would stink and it was such a turn off! LOL Have fun at the Quincenera. I have been to 1 and it was like a wedding...with bridesmaids and groomsmen (although that was not their title)!!!

  7. This looks SO GOOD!!! I especially loved the tip on how to remove the fish odor from your home. Blessings!

  8. Ohh that fish looks AH-MAZING!!!


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