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Remember right before fall actually began, I started my soup season?  But when the actual fall equinox hit, I quickly purchased some celery and carrots and some freezable quart containers to officially begin my soup exploration.

Needless to say with all that's going on right now, making soup is the furthest thing from my mind, but it doesn't mean that I don't actually crave soup.  So what did I do?  I kindly asked my parents' next door neighbor if she minded making us a chicken and vegetable soup with noodles.  I gave her all of my ingredients and then she sneaked in some of her own.  Plus made two pans of corn bread!

In the midst of these trying times, I'm realizing more and more how to accept help when it is offered.  A person can only do but so much.  So when people ask, "Is there anything I can do?", say Y-E-S!

My neighbor asked for my mother's largest pot and let me tell you, that pot was so full of soup that I had to bring over more pots to transfer the soup so that we could lift the initial pot off the stove!  But was it good?  Oh my goodness, yes, yes, yes!

In the end, I put 6 quarts in the freezer and kept 1 quart out to continue eating.

Thanking God every day for these acts of kindness expressed by those both near and far.  :-)

To friends,

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  1. How sweet is that neighbor! That soup looks so yummy with all the veggies and noodles floating around. And 6 quarts! Lucky girl you are Libby. :)

  2. Good for you for accepting (and even asking for!) help. I know the neighbor felt good about being able to help out, and you all got a tasty, homecooked meal. I've been craving some cornbread the last day or two. Time to get out the iron skillet!

  3. What a wonderfully sweet lady; how blessed you are to have a neighbour like that! She certainly did a good job of it too; my word, that looks mouthwatering. I've caught the older kid's cold and could do with some haha.. Thank you so much for popping by, and your kind words; did you see my most recent attempt, "Excursion"? Would love to hear your opinion :)

  4. I'm so happy that there are folks around you who are supporting you right now.

    The photography your doing is beautiful! Love London's photos as well as Charlaine's! Wonderful work!

    I do hope all is well though.

  5. Libby,

    Generosity is a beautiful thing! There are good people in the world!
    The soup seems to be delicious!

  6. Homemade soup is so wonderful, particularly when someone else made it. It is the perfect dish for freezing in individual containers. Now you have a nice stash! I am not good about letting others help me out. This is something I need to get better about so some stress can be relieved!


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