C25K - Week 8, Day 2

Discovering what's important 

When I first started this 5K it was because I was (and still am) on a journey to re-obtain my target weight.  Last October I quit eating beef and pork and still nothing really budged with my weight.  I don't discuss weight much because I know I'm not technically overweight, just past my personal level of comfort, past the place where I can still wear my same clothes, so I knew something had to give.  So I started this jogging program again.  Started doing these health shakes, started eating salads.  Stopped the shakes.  Stopped the salads.  So, let's just say I'm still hovering around the same initial weight minus a pound or two.  But I feel much better! 

Then I saw this Women's Only 5K event set during October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and I was sold.  This disease has attacked the lives of so many women and men around the world.  And I've personally watched people I know and love fight this battle and every one of them has won the fight (thank God), so it's pretty important to me.  The proceeds from the entry fees go to help women who can't afford mammograms get them.  I'm all for preventative care.  So as I completed Day 2 today, I began to ask myself, "What's more important?"

Is it more important for me to get stuck on the idea of actually running the entire 5K on October 6, or is it more important for me to finish this event and support a worthy cause?  I'm hanging on the latter.  I want to run the entire 5K, but if it should be that having to walk intermittently helps me get across that line, then so be it.  There will be other 5Ks out there where I can enter solely to prove something to myself, but this upcoming event on Saturday is not about that.  It's about something bigger.

So did I run my whole 28 minutes today?  No.  I mostly jogged, walked some when I needed to - I call it "walking the kinks out of my leg muscles" - and then jogged.  Because of that, when it was time for the 5 minute cool down, I mostly jogged it and cooled down on my own time.  And guess what?  In spite of it all, I surpassed my goal and completed 2.73 miles today.  Just that much closer to the 5K mark.

I guess I'm saying that sometimes our goals change...and that's okay.  :-)

Week 8, Day 2

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  1. my mom, my aunt and a 2nd cousin are all breast cancer survivor! You'll make the finish line!

  2. That's amazing; what a worthy cause. You're awesome for having such a heart to do this, even if you have to walk the entire way (which clearly you won't, since you've been training with such inspiring discipline!).

  3. Keep up the awesome job you are doing Libby! Just remember the crazy loon at the finish line. LOL!!!! :)

  4. I am an awful runner myself, but I have volunteered with a group that helped raise money for a Breast Cancer Run before + was one of those really excited people that are cheering the runners on the sidelines. It's really something to see all of the survivors that run alongside the other runners that are doing the same in memory of loved ones and those that are just behind a worthwhile cause. My throat was so hoarse by the end of it, but with our every yell it's like it enticed the runners a little more. Before the event that day, I didn't even think what I was doing was going to really mean that much, but we were all apart of something. Your goal has more weight that ever before now, and you've definitely done an amazing job. Man, what an amazing experience you will have on Saturday! You will do AWESOME!!

  5. I think the important thing is just to do the best you can. And if it's for a good cause, even better.

  6. http://pinsta.me/u/laurasykora
    I wanted to share this girls page with you. Not sure if you are into yoga, but she has the most amazing and beautiful poses I have ever seen. I'm starting on my headstand today!


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