Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #22

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Hooray!  I'm finally feeling better.  Just in time for all the busyness that lies ahead.  :-)

Birthday Confession:

Thank you all for the well wishes on my 36th birthday that I celebrated this past Tuesday.  Nadja gave me a virtual party all the way from Brazil!  And I received tons of emails, Facebook messages, phone calls, and face-to-face well wishes.  Both of my classes at work sang to me.  I haven't had that in a long while.  Middle schoolers?  Who would have thought.  LOL

Ok, so why is this a confession?  Because let me tell you a little secret.  Sometimes my birthdays are hard for me.  At some point you hit this magic number and you realize the status quo is just that - the same thing from year to year, no change.  And there are some things very dear to me that I desperately want to change but those things are not within my power and who knows, those things may not be meant for me to have, but when my birthday rolls around, it's a bit of a reminder that they are still absent from my life.  But, I am always very happy to be "in the land of the living", as we say in the South.  It's very fascinating that lately I've been reminded of Paul's exhortation to be content in whatsoever state you find yourself in.  Learning to be content in said state is difficult, but I dare not say impossible.  And sometimes we mess up by failing to recognize all of the wonderful things that are transpiring because we are busy focusing on the things we don't (yet) have.  Yes, my friends, I am still a work in progress.

So, when I received all those wonderful messages, it just warmed my heart.  It let me know that I am not forgotten and that people all around me took just a moment from their equally busy schedules to send their warm wishes.  And for that, I thank you!

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So, what's been going on?

Well, it's been such a blur of a week.  When you're sick and your house is a wreck from when you weren't sick, it's amazing how the crazed house state can literally get on your nerves.  Laying in the bed, I imagined all the things I was going to clean once I could pick myself up from that spot.  I did manage to buy a cleaning product, new vacuum cleaner bags, and some trash bags, but as of yet, I haven't cleaned a thing!  (That's on my to do list this weekend.)

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What's new on the crafting scene?

If you've followed me for a while you know by now I would have burst out with lots of crocheted hats and scarves right now.  It's amazing how things change.  I guess so much was going on that I couldn't get my craft mojo together.  But lately I've been dreaming of crafting.  That's always the first step.

I even purchased some *gasp* beads!  What????  Yes, beads.  I'm trying my hand at hair jewelry.  Most know them as loc jewelry, but I don't want to call it that because it's really designed for anyone who can manage to make a braid, a twist, a loc, out of a strand(s) of hair so that the piece can stay in place.  I purchased the wire and tool set about a month ago, but didn't touch it until my sickened state.  I've only made two pieces so far I'm going to have fun with this.  I can already tell.

Here's what I made using some copper wire, wooden beads, and a pencil.  I won't be using a pencil anymore because it's not a smooth circle and I need to create specific diameters.  (I'm trying something else this weekend):

Here's a photo of what loc (or hair) jewelry can look like when worn.  This (craft form) is so new to me, but it's fun to try new things.

Guess what?  Today is National Coffee Day.

A local convenient store is selling 16 oz. of coffee for $0.01 all day today.  This blend that I'm drinking is half hazelnut coffee and half decaf.  With cream and sugar.  I couldn't have it any other way.  :-)

Of course there's more that could be told, but I need to save some posts for next week.  Have a fantastic weekend!

p.s.  One week to race day.

Happy Saturday,

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  1. Well goodness gracious, I didn't know it was your birthday. Happy belated birthday, Libby! I have never minded the number of years. In fact, when I was around 28, I would lose track of how old I was. I said to my dad, "I'm 30 years old, and . . . " I just kinda thought I was already 30.

    Sorry you've been sick. Hope things go much better next week.

  2. Your students sang to you? How fun that must have been! Birthdays can be difficult for many of us when we start reflecting and thinking we are not quite where we wanted to be at that age! The loc jewelry looks so cool. That looks like something that would do great at craft fairs! I love my coffee in the morning. It is more of a comfort thing for me than a waking up helper!


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