C25K - Week 8, Day 1

The fall scenery where I ran today

After not being able to run the earlier part of the week due to sickness, today I felt so much better and so I decided to attempt for the second time the Week 8, Day 1 routine.  I started off great.  It felt good to be out there, but somewhere I wasn't able to overcome the mental battle and so I decided to make this day a walk/run routine.  When I chose to walk, I only did so in short spells.  Normally in this C25K program, when it's time to walk, you walk anywhere between 2-5 minutes.  In my walk routine, I may have walked a minute or less, then start jogging again, depending on how I was feeling.

I did notice at some point that my left leg was going to try and play a trick on me but that leg did not win the battle.  I'm almost certain that I'm placing more weight on one side of my body.  How can I be so sure?  Because if you lower the volume on your music or turn it off all together and just focus in on the rhythm your feet make on the ground, I could hear the stressed notes one foot was making on the ground.  The pattern was long-short-long-short-long-short....  In my mind, I can see the sheet music that matches my running.  Calling all music majors.  Do you know what I mean? 

So, I ran 0.01/mile more than last week.  I'm believing that I'll make my goal next week, even if it's pure adrenaline that gets me over that finish line.  That or all the other runners who push me over so that they can cross it too.  :-)

Week 8, Day 1

Happy Saturday,

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  1. Good going. Even walking when you're recovering from illness is an accomplishment.

  2. Yay! Your persevering spirit is wonderful.

  3. what is the program for week 8, just straight out running? and you're trying to run farther each time you do it? great job, keep going! :)

  4. You will make it...I know you will! I'm so happy you are feeling better and that you went out there and did it. I can't wait to hear how the race goes. Races always have lots of adrenaline and IMO are fun with all the people around. The miles feel shorter somehow (I'm hoping this is true for my half as well, though I'm doubtful). I'm envisioning your beautiful smile as you cross that finish line! Cheering you on virtually...is the race Saturday? Take care

  5. adrenaline will make you fly! :) keep it up

  6. I love how dedicated you are, Libby! I'm hoping it will rub off on me...Doing some things that are keeping me from comfortably exercising right now. But it is a good thing. Still can't wait to get back in a good rhythm though. I will be cheering you on in the meantime!! :)

  7. I completely get what you are saying about the stressed notes. I love the way you put it. I had and injury a few years ago that is causing me to favor one side and I can totally feel it and hear it. I am really trying to stop myself from doing this, I do a lot of it is mental.

    You are doing so well. Congratulations on keeping it up!


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