C25K - Week 7, Day 2

Today I completed Week 7, Day 2. Did I go to the community park?  No.  My coworker friend decided to accompany me today.  She walked, I jogged.  But we decided to go to the track at the college near our job.  This time the lacrosse team wasn't practicing in the middle of the track.  And you know I was impressed by this sign on the gate:

Now let me preface the rest of the post by saying that this morning I had a long chat with the p.e. teacher on my job.  I am concerned about my left leg being tight and I'm just trying to get to the bottom of it to see if I'm doing something wrong or is there something wrong with me.  So the short of the long from that conversation is this:  (1) Women tend to lean to one side or the other, differently from men so that might be the cause of one side of the body responding differently, (2) As you get older, your tendons/ligaments aren't as flexible as they used to be, (3) Certain injuries can be caused by how the foot lands on the ground - heel first or toe first [Check your shoes to make sure they are the right type for how your feet tend to function (i.e. I overpronate, so I wear a shoe that works for that.  However, it may be time for a new pair)], and (4) Sometimes for some people it's better not to stretch before a run, but to just shake out the legs a bit, do some cardio (like jump roping) and then run, followed by a good stretch afterwards.  We talked more on exercise and weight loss, but I'll save that for another post.

Ok, so I did run on the track today.  The scenery wasn't as inspiring because I was just going round in circles.  I did make myself make short goals in terms of laps or even just make it to the shady part of the track, then just make it until this certain stripe on the track.  I find that running is very much a mental endeavor just as much or maybe even moreso than a physical thing.

So anyways, I ran a few hundreths of a mile shorter than I did on yesterday, but I'm okay with that.  At least my left leg wasn't bothering me as it was on yesterday.  And guess what?  I didn't stretch before my run.  But also, I think the overpronation is another culprit. 

My water is waiting for me
Week 7, Day 2

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  1. That would have been me walking and you running. I just don't do the running thing unless someone is chasing me. :) Glad to hear that it went a little easier for you without the stretching.

  2. Seems like it would be fun to have a workout buddy. I've heard that the "experts" now say it's better to stretch after exercise when the muscles are warm. Whatever works!

  3. Haha I know what you mean about uninspiring scenery at the track.. I used to be a long-distance runner in my "younger days", and much of it was spent going round and round with a sort of blank-brain trance-y quality -- just fixing on reaching that point, and then the next and the next. Running certainly has a very large mental component to it, and you are showing fantastic perseverance! Plus, HOW do you manage to look so good after all that??

  4. I like having company when doing any kind of exercise...not that I have time to exercise that much (aka never). But I would love company if I could do it!


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