C25K - Week 7, Day 1

Bet you thought I had quit running, right?  Well, we've been in a bit of a tornado watch these last few days and that means lots of dark clouds and heavy rain.  And it's been super humid too.  Yesterday's weather break meant that today was quite cool.  I hear it's supposed to be like this for the next few days.  But with the weather, who really knows.

Today because of the nice weather, I decided to run in a new location.  A location between my job and home and where there is no stipulation about how early you can use the walking trail.  The place is now a community center, but it used to be the local elementary school before they built the new one.


The scene was totally different here.  Teenagers with skate boards.  Little kids on the swings. Lots of houses all around.  Trees.

And then, there was the dog.  Yes, the large, long-legged dog that spotted me from waaaayyy away and decided to charge right towards me.  I know he was looking dead at me, trying to complete the first 1/2 mile.  I had to stop in my place and yell for him to go away.  Like more than once.  Then he changed directions and started running ahead of me towards some man.  I had to shoo him again as I approached him on the track and he finally ran back home.

Ok, you know I have a serious dog phobia that's getting better because at least I didn't faint, or cry, or pee on myself, but phobia nonetheless.  And it also meant I lost a little of my time.  I still managed 2.42 miles, which is the same as Week 6, Day 3, so I'm not overly concerned.  Maybe on Day 2, I will surpass my distance, even if just by a little.  Whether I run here again is to be determined, but at least it's an option.  After work today, a coworker showed me how to get to the track on the college campus that's beside my job.  It's a private college.  Today I didn't have the nerve to do my jogging thing in the midst of all those college athletes practicing their sports.  Maybe another time.  :-)

Week 7, Day 1
 Still pressing on,

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  1. Very proud of you Libby! Keep it up. :) If we lived near each other I would at least go walking with you around the track. :)

  2. Good job! I don't have a dog phobia per say, but I am extremely cautious with them when I am out running. You just never know. Amazing that you kept going when the dog kept coming more than once! I probably would have stopped out of fear (of course I did get bit by a dog doing just that when I was a kid, so I would feel justified).
    Keep it up, you are doing great!

  3. Good idea changing up the location! I am afraid of dogs running around too unless I know the dog personally. Luckily there are leash laws in most places around me although some choose to ignore them (like my next door neighbor who has 2 large dogs)!!!!

  4. Libby,

    I have my phobias, I'm afraid of high placess, swimming and driving.
    I know how you feel, but make sure that dogs are nice. Attack because of the training they receive from their owners.
    I need to take my phobias...

  5. I didn't know you had a dog phobia! I think that's extremely impressive that you continued to run, because my mom and aunts would have run for cover, and would never return there?, also really loving the hair in this pic, it's extra voluminous in a really good way :)


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