Butterfly Blanket Complete

Just so you know, I finally picked up my crochet hook after many, many months of it just being wrapped up in my hook case.  I used the hook to crochet an edging around this double-sided fleece blanket I sewed for a customer.  I hope Baby Olivia will enjoy cudding in all this fleece goodness.  :-)

Happy Crafting,

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  1. It looks so pretty !! colorful and cute. Nice crochet

  2. How pretty! I have not tried making an edging yet. Yours looks so delicate.

  3. Gorgeous butterfly fleece Libby! Great job with the thread. :) You know Baby Olivia will adore it.

  4. Adorable! I am sure Olivia will love it! The crocheted trim is so sweet. Fleece is the best blanket fabric (in my opinion)!

  5. Libby,

    I just arrived! I went to buy some clothes, because I have a wedding to go.
    I don't like to wear a dress. I bought a women's trousers and some sweaters.
    I'm different, you know? Use what I like without fear of being happy. :)
    Love the blog you talked! It's very good!

    Libby, I'll put in my blog two posts about the city of Salvador/ Bahia.
    The first show you the pictures of my trip in Salvador/BA.
    The second talks about turbans. There are women in Bahia that using his typical costume.

    I loved the piece of crochet! Olivia will like too!
    Do not stop crochet!


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