Satin-Lined Fleece Blanket {Tutorial}

For people with highly textured hair, covering the hair in a fabric such as satin is imperative, in particular for sleeping and in between other materials that absorb our hair's natural oils or causes snags.  For the record, most fibers do this and satin and silk are pretty much the only ones I know of that don't.  This is why satin bonnets are typically used for sleeping caps and why many people with highly textured hair purchase satin pillow cases - because they don't want to wear the satin bonnet.

I was working on a blanket order for a customer and although I don't know what type of hair the baby will have, it's pretty safe to safe that it will be highly textured.  Given free-creative range and hand-delivered a piece of striped fleece, I decided to purchase satin to add as a backing to the fleece.  That way the baby can roll around and play on this blanket without worries of snagging and pulling out curls.

To make this blanket:
  1. Cut the selvaged edges off of the fabric.
  2. Cut two pieces of fabric the same size.  (I used pinking shears to cut the satin.)
  3. With right sides facing, sew 1/4 inch seam all the way around, but leaving an opening to turn the piece.
  4. Turn the piece inside-out.  Be sure to poke out the corners so that you get a crisp point.
  5. Iron.
  6. Pin the edges.
  7. Topstitch around the entire blanket to be able to close up the opening that was previously unsewn.  Plus, topstitching adds that extra umph.  You know.  :-)
It's a pretty simple fix, but his curls will thank me later.  :-)

 Happy Crafting,

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  1. Love the colors and stripes on the fleece. That blanket will get a lot of snuggles. :)

  2. Very sweet little blanket! Thanks so much for linking up at mercyink! :)


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