Pasta Alfredo to the Rescue {Recipe}

I'm so glad that I found Daniela from the Frugal Ain't Cheap blog.  I have her to thank for this amazingly good, amazingly easy, amazingly quick homemade alfredo sauce.  Who knew?

Sometimes I need a quick meal because I have other things better and more pressing to do than cook and I do love my pasta, so with some cooked angel hair pasta and Daniela's alfredo sauce recipe, I was able to have this....

 Go ahead.  Head over to her blog and snatch up that recipe like I did.  You won't regret it.  :-) 

{Pasta Alfredo}
homemade alfredo sauce
cooked pasta (I used angel hair - umm, my favorite!)
chopped fresh parsley

Make the sauce.  Cook the noodles.  Combine and enjoy!  LOL

I also have a thing for crushed red pepper flakes, so in future servings of this, I added a bit of that on top.  Umm, delicious!

p.s.  I'm planning on trying this alfredo sauce mixed with my pesto and perhaps some shrimp and see how that goes.  Humm....  :-)

Buon Appetito,

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  1. Wow, that's a different recipe and way to make alfredo. So easy, and not really too fattening. My son makes it with cream and Parmesan (loads of calories) and my half-Italian husband makes it with milk and Parmesan (and an egg maybe?). I myself have never been good at alfredo sauce, but I sure like to eat it. Yours looks yummy!

  2. Quick and easy. The girls would love this version!

  3. That sauce look quick and simple. I think I would miss the parmasean cheese though. If I try it, I may have to add some.

  4. So quick and easy! Mixing this with your pesto sounds divine! I just had my first gluten free pasta made of brown rice last weekend. It was just like whole wheat pasta. Now I can enjoy alfredo dishes and more again!

  5. so glad you enjoy it! It is one of our favorite meals!

  6. Libby!!! You always make me hungry!!! Dang, that looks good.

  7. Looks so delicious and creamy. I love pouring Alfredo sauce over steamed vegetables.


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