Monday's Feature: Chanelle

Meet Chanelle of Indigofera.


AE:  Who are you and what is it that you do/make?   
C:  My name is Chanelle.  I Am Radiant.  Born and raised in Philadelphia, now residing in the DMV.  I love 80’s R & B music and Classic Hip Hop.  I love indie micro businesses, makeup artistry and beautiful things.  

I inspire women of color look and feel their absolute best. Indigofera is my collection of premium plant based beauty products for hair, skin and body.  My first product was a rich decadent body butter in signature scents like Fresh Pineapple, Mood Indigo and Green Tea. Today my best selling product is the sought after hair care ritual formulated to moisturize, nourish and replenish curly, coily and kinky hair.  I “whip up fresh batches” of real plant based hair care from herbal infusions (sage & rosemary), nourishing oils (avocado & coconut) and 100% essential oils ( lemongrass & peppermint).  

AE:  How did you get started/What is the motivation behind your work?  
C Indigofera was birthed over time starting in 2000.  I was working full time as a registered nurse and I knew I wanted to find a way to express my creativity, promote self care, holistic healing and wellness.  I actually sought out a business to start first.  Gift baskets filled with natural body care and spa products was my first phase of the business.  At the time, I was living in Atlanta and enrolled in grad school for business.  I applied for a business license and a wholesale ID under the name “Diaspora Fine Collectibles”.  Aromatherapy soaps, bath salts and soy candles to Indian Incense and beautiful amber gemstones pendants (I still have one ) were among my first “treasures for body, mind and soul”. 

The natural body care I purchased to resell was nice, but nice was not quite good enough for me.  My creative spark was ignited.  I always believed I could teach myself almost anything.  In high school I was a self taught seamstress, and sewed my own prom gowns and a few winter coats.  I reasoned, “My ancestors had to care for their beauty needs, before commercial products were available right?”  So I did a little research and I came across a book that taught me the basics of making natural cosmetics.  The book was titled, Natural Beauty at Home, written in a cookbook style. 

I started with that basic body butter recipe, added my own custom blended scents, poured them in jars, printed some labels and displayed my products in a pretty natural basket.  My first customers were nurses at work.  They loved the body butter.  That was how I got started.  I continued to learn more about aromatherapy, plant based beauty, holistic therapies and entrepreneurship.

My motivation has come from many sources.  I believe in tapping into your God given gifts.  We all have something.  Instead of looking outside myself, I believe I can create a meaningful, fulfilling, abundant life.  My clients are amazing!  I started selling Indigofera products at local craft shows, open mics and cultural festivals.  I get so much love from people who tell me how inspired they are that the products are handmade from scratch.  Indigofera has given me so much.  I have always been committed to a exceptional client experience.  I do my best to show my gratitude to those who continue to patronize my business and support my growth as an entrepreneur. 

AE:  Where can we find your work? 
C:   You can see my collection of Indigofera  online, at events and shows.  You can find it in the UK through my authorized retailer Beautiful Roots.

AE:  What is your website/contact information? 

I had the pleasure of purchasing one of Chanelle's products recently - the botanical hairdress.  What caused me to purchase this product is the fact that I do suffer from dry scalp and for me, using a hairdress is necessary.  This product is very light on my scalp, I haven't had any trouble with buildup, and it smells fantastic.  One of my favorite essential oils is lemongrass and since this oil is a key ingredient in this product, I knew I would not be disappointed.  And I wasn't.  

I hope you were as inspired by Chanelle's business story as I was.  Please show her some love by visiting any of her sites mentioned and/or spreading the word.  And, currently Chanelle has a Summer Sale going on in her Etsy shop!

Peace & Love,

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  1. Great interview Libby! Chanelle's labels are perfect. I love reading about how others get started in a business and how it grows. Very inspirational since I dream of being self employed in the near future. :)

  2. Congrats Chanelle on the product line. I can see the years of energy and love you have put into it!


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