Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #16

My dentist returned from his knee surgery and I got my crown!  It was so pretty that I had to take a picture of it.  Then the dental assistant told me that I could take my  molds and the little tooth case.  Now I'll have something cool to take to my science classroom. (Thinking so much like a teacher, even in the dentist office.  That's how I know it's time to go back to work.)


So, the heating and cooling people returned this week with the replacement part that was under warranty.  No more extra bucks spent there.  Yay!

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I spent many hours on the phone trying to get service for my printer that has been dysfunctional for a while now.  I shall not reveal the manufacturer, but I will say this:  If a person purchases a printer for $80 and it dies before a year is up, or even 6 months, and all the manufacturer will do is offer a new one but the customer has to pay $70 to have it shipped to them, that makes absolutely no sense.

This is why I firmly believe in purchasing extended warranty plans on certain devices.  Until further notice I will say this out loud:  I LOVE STAPLES!  They honored their agreement, even though the manufacturer should have just sent me another printer or given me a voucher to get one.  What Staples did in less than 5 minutes was ask me to verify my address and put in an order for me to receive a full refund on a gift card.  Now, I can go back to Staples and purchase a better printer of my choice instead of being offered 2 models at a lower price from the original manufacturer or my same model for the $70 shipping.  :-)

In all the hoopla, I discovered that my peppers have started growing.

I have another family reunion this weekend.  This one includes a wedding in which I am the photographer.  Wish me luck!

Until next time,


  1. I can't imagine taking pictures at the dentist's office! lol You are just so funny. I know you'll do a great job on the wedding photos.

  2. I am happy to hear you got your crown Libby! The kids will find this fascinating! That is awesome that your cooling system and printer are covered. Staples is the vendor we use for work and I love them too. Their customer service is amazing when you need it!!! The pepper is looking good! Have a great week. ~Val

  3. Ooh, printers are so temperamental! I'm glad you were well covered though.
    And the thinking like a teacher at the dentists is just proof that learning takes place all the time :D

  4. The dentist office is such a scary place for me. At least you were able to enjoy the experience enough to take pictures! LOL!!!!


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