Life As I Know It - Weekly Update #15

Got my new Skip Stitch blade in the mail this week, so I was able to work on a crocheted edge of a fleece blanket.  I was concerned that the blade wouldn't go through two layers of fleece, but surprisingly it did.  This blade is so much better than poking holes through fabric.

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Remember me mentioning that my friend may have to return to her home country?  Well, she didn't get the right sponsorship and so it's a definite yes that she will be returning home.  Hopefully, things will work out in her favor and she will be able to return next year.  In the meantime, she's given me lots of Peruvian items to remember her by as they decorate my home.


Sadly, it's almost time to return to work.  With that means that I can no longer wear these same few outfits that I've worn faithfully over the summer.  If you recall, I absolutely despise clothes shopping, but alas it must be done.  Determined not to look thrown away, I decided to help myself out and create a style board on Pinterest.  I copied those images into a document and printed them out.  Then I checked off the things that I already had (which wasn't much) and brought the sheets with me on my shopping trip to help me to focus.  I also had to take a friend along who loves to shop so that I wouldn't give up and go home.  Here are a couple of the printed outfits that I took along for inspiration...

Source: via Libby on Pinterest

And guess what?  I went shopping in a different city at different stores, referred there to a friend who is now working in that area.  And let me tell you, I found so many things that I could wear that it didn't matter about the things that didn't look right or cost too much.  When I tell you that that has never happened to me, I'm not joking.  For the first time, I had choices.  Choices that I could afford and choices that look good on me.  Now I'm going to take some of the skirts to a seamstress friend who does alternations because as I am short, some of these skirts go past my toes!  Chop, chop. :-)  Hey maybe I can make an accessory from the scraps....

So where did I shop?  Burke's Outlet, Cato's, Rainbow, and Belk's Clearance section (for shoes).

So, my week wasn't as crazy as last week and for that I am thankful.  Now, I'm off to one of my family reunions!  Let me get my camera ready.  Say cheese!

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  1. I was wondering what a skip stitch blade was. I looke pretty awesome. I have thought about crocheting edges onto blankets but didn't want to figure out how to poke holes in the fabric.
    Your outfit inspirations are super cute. I bet you found some good stuff!

  2. The second picture is totally MY style!! can't wait to be able to wear boots again!!!

  3. I'm going to have to look into getting one of those blades. So easy! And your outfit inspirations are very cute. Have fun at the reunion and have a few bites of all the yummy food for me. I know the food will be good! :)

  4. I smile while reading about clothes shopping. At least, you are so well organized that you planned your outfits! I just wear what I first grab from my wardrobe (no kidding) and use the same boots and coat all winter (bless the dark grey & denim that go with everything). I bet my mom will gladly exchange daughters with yours. ;-)

    Sometime ago I bought fleece to make a baby blanket that I never made because I couldn't poke holes in the fabric (not even with scissors!). Who would have thought there were blades purposely made for that? You're my inspiration.

    Have a great time with your family. Looking forward to see tons of pictures with food and themed party!

  5. I am sorry to hear your friend has to go home. Hopefully she will be back very soon! Great pin boards!!! I used to enjoy shopping but since life has become so busy I now prefer to spend my spare time in ways that are much more fun. At least you had good luck in the stores so it was not a waste of time. The internet (ebay in particular) have been great for my clothes shopping. The perfect bargain place!


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