HS Family Reunion 2012

The top photo is of my grandmother whom I've never met, but carry her first name as my middle name
This past weekend I attended the family reunion for my dad's side of the family.  As usual, this family reunion lasted for 3 days, and as usual we only attended 2 of those days.

From the beginning it was a bit rocky because my dad was not feeling well.  In fact, he got sick in the car between checking into the hotel and driving to the casual dinner hosted on Friday night.  So, yes, we had to pull over and switch drivers on the side of the road.  But, we made it!  Between all of the Olympics watching, ping pong playing, and conversations in every corner of my uncle's basement, if anyone wasn't feeling well, you couldn't tell.

Although this reunion wasn't nearly as large as last year's, it was great to see so many cousins.  During the introductions on Saturday at our large dinner (yes, we have to do introductions just to make sure everyone knows who belongs to whom), it actually got hilarious when everyone was trying to tell who they were and what number child they were.  Really I think that was supposed to be for the children of my grandparents, but it was cute to hear a 5 year old say, "I'm the first born of Mommy and Daddy."  A different cousin said, "I'm number 14."  Everyone looked around because his dad only has 4 kids.  Then his dad said, "He meant to say that he is 14!"

At that Saturday dinner, the little kids participated in a fashion show, various family members spoke on topics such as "Following your dreams," "Health Care," and "Education".  And we always take time to remember those who we've lost since the last reunion.

The reunion was culminated by taking photos of each generation.

Below is a slideshow to show you a bit of the banquet celebration (the Saturday dinner).  Those who know me well know that I enjoy capturing food, but this time, I spent my time capturing the people (and maybe one plate of food).

And here I am with my cousin, and also former college roommate.


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