Hooded Fleece Blanket {Tutorial}

I've been wanting to make a hooded baby blanket for a long time now, and I finally I had the opportunity.  Still working on the baby blanket orders for a customer, I had to find a way to use 1 piece of fleece material that was cut incorrectly.  Too small for most ideas and not finding a coordinating fabric to match, it was a bit of a challenge.

Then, I began another baby blanket order and a scrap piece from that blanket was perfect for this hooded baby blanket.  Never underestimate the power of a scrap!



So, how did I make it?  (Please note that I would typically have made a larger blanket, but I was working with the fabric I was provided with, so it didn't allow it.  The size you make is not important as long as your measurements are to scale.)

{Hooded Fleece Blanket}
2 square pieces of fleece for the blanket (the same size) * mine were 29" square
**1 square piece of fleece for the hood, cut in half diagonally
coordinating thread
...and of course a sewing machine.  :-)

** This is how you determine the size of the hood - divide the length of your blanket in half.  Cut a square that is that size.  Then cut that square in half from diagonal to diagonal.  So, since my blanket was 29" squared, the square I cut for the hood was 14.5"x14.5".  Then I cut that in half along the diagonal.  Perhaps I'll use the other half of that square for another hooded blanket.  Waste not, want not.


You're going to make a sandwich of the three pieces of fabric:
  • Layer one piece of fleece, right side up (bottom of sandwich)
  • Place the hooded fabric piece, right side up, on the left corner of the bottom fabric (middle of sandwich)
  • Layer the other piece of fleece, right side down [in essence the bottom and top pieces are right-side facing] (top of sandwich)
Pin the three layers of fleece together.  Be sure to leave a gap where you will not sew until you turn the piece.  Otherwise you'll have a backwards blanket with a useless hood in the inside.  lol
  • If you have a patterned piece of fabric like I did, make sure the pattern on the top and bottom piece are running in the same direction.  We don't want upside or sideways teddy bears.

Sew all around the blanket at 1/4" seams, except in the gap you're leaving open to turn the piece.

Turn the piece inside out.  Be sure to poke out the corners so they are nice and crisp.  (I used a crochet hook for this.)

Pin around the blanket.

Topstitch around the entire blanket.  (I just line the edge of my fabric to the edge of my presser foot and go for it.

Voila!  You have a hooded blanket.

* Please pardon me for not having photos at this time to show this process.  If you need a visual (I often do), then leave a comment below and I'll see what magic I can work up.  :-)

Happy Crafting,

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  1. what a cute idea!! perfect for a baby shower! I use baby blankets to wrap baby gifts...so this would be a really good project!

  2. Love this blanket! I have a friend that is having a baby and this would make a great gift!

  3. Ah, tutorial. My second favourite word! [After free, of course]. This'll come in handy this winter for certain baby cousins....

  4. This is such a great idea! Perfect as a birthday present



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