Curry Bodi With Potatoes {Recipe}

A little while back I was preparing a meal for one of my college friends who was coming for a first-time visit.  I wanted something Caribbean and vegetarian, so I searched Youtube again and found a dish called "Curry Bodi with Potatoes."

I decided that I better try this bodi dish before my guests arrive, plus I bought a new curry powder and wanted to sample its flavor beforehand so I can adjust accordingly.  I didn't have any bodi (hadn't even heard of bodi before finding this recipe) so I used string beans instead.  Later I made this dish for my aunt after a trip to the Asian Market, but their shipment of bodi was coming the next day so I used an American long bean which I was told was a bit sweeter.  It was still good and actually easier to handle.  Maybe one day I will actually get my hands on some bodi.  So what is bodi?  This is bodi - these super long string bean like beans.  Also called long beans and snake beans.

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{Curry Bodi with Potatoes}

bodi (or string beans)
garlic cloves
scotch bonnet pepper (or habañero) (optional)
curry powder

Directions (follow this video):

And here are my photos of this dish:

And if you're wondering if it was good.  The answer is YES!  If you're wondering if my friends enjoyed it as much as I did, well, the answer is no because they were unable to come at the last minute.  Now, I'm going to surprise them with something different the next time our schedules coincide.  :-)

If you're looking for more Caribbean dishes, vegetarian as well as those with meat, check out

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  1. We love dishes with curry. Our favorite is red curry chicken, it's a thai dish. The red curry is a little bit hotter than yellow curry and you make the dish with coconut milk. It's amazing. You can see it you here I will have to try your dish. It looks yummy.

  2. Anything with beans and potatoes are the best! Looks yummy!

  3. This looks delicious Libby! I love curry in the cold months so I will keep this in mind. This is the first I have heard of bodi too. It looks like a cool veggie!!!

  4. Mmm, I love anything with curry in it! This looks and sounds really good too. Thanks for sharing! New follower. Yay for being blog friends! :)


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