"Christian Closet" HAUL

It was on YouTube where I realized that people do haul videos where they basically show all the stuff they bought.  I would have never thought people would be interested in that.  But apparently, since I sometimes watch those videos, I'm one of those people.

Well, videos are out of the question for me right now because I don't have any editing software and the only real video camera I have, I borrowed.  I decided however, that I would love for you to see what I got this weekend from a thrift store called the "Christian Closet."  Like any thrift store, you never know exactly what will be there, but my mom and I went because I was looking for something very specific - white bud vases (like the milk glass white).  I finally decided on a look I will try to achieve for my grandmother's birthday party.

Look what I found and purchased (well my mom purchased):

White bud vases

Champagne glasses

Glass punch bowl cups

and these plastic saucers (not to be used at the party)

And how much did it all cost?


And then I couldn't help but purchase this little table for myself for $3.00.  You know this will be a furniture makeover project.

And this basket that I will be using to do a gift basket from our church.  It was $5.00.

This just goes to show that sometimes what you need is right under your nose and periodically checking your local thrift shops is a good thing.

Please note that you will see these items in future projects; some of them in the very near future.

Happy Thrifting,

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  1. I can't imagine watching a "haul video" lol.. but wow, $5.71?? That's awesome -- I especially like the little vases :)

  2. I have a very similar basket that I use in our bathroom!! great deals girl!

  3. I wish we had that kind of shops here! Or maybe not -- I would be broken in just a few days. lol

    Can't wait to see what does that table become after makeover. I see a white one matching your drawers?

  4. Thrift store...

    This is the name of "brechó" in Brazil.
    I love to buy at thrift store! The white vases, the basket, everything that you bought is wonderful!

    1. Oooh, I learned a Portuguese word. "Brechó". :-)

  5. You found some really nice things. Love those bud vases. The basket is really nice too. Everything actually!

  6. I watch those haul videos too...I've been watching craft hauls from different YouTubers, and surprisingly, you do get hooked! You got some great deals!


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