C25K - Week 2, Day 1

Week 2 starts a new portion of the routine.  You jog 1.30 minutes instead of 1 minute intervals.  It was rough, but I made it!  I wasn't sure for a while because I've been very careful to watch my form and stride so that I don't get shin splints on my left leg.  Those things hurt like the dickens.  So, no shin splints today (Yay!), but my left leg was sore, moreso during the walking part than during the jogging part.  I did pause the walking a couple of times to stretch it out, but other than that, I just kept pushing through it and I felt better at the end.  I kept telling myself, "If I just keep picking my feet up and moving, I'm technically still jogging, even if it's not very fast."  And there are some hills in the cemetery that are a beast, but I know that in the end I'll be better for it.

I love these running shoes.  They were selected at a shoe store run by sports medicine people and where they pick a shoe to fit your feet ailments.  These are Etonic running shoes.

Finally, I guzzled down some Gatorade.  I remember a few years ago when I used to jog, I was running out my potassium, so I have to keep my water intake in check especially since I'm sweating it out.

Week 2, Day 1 - Whew!
No one said this sport was a cute one.  lol

Mentally preparing for Day 2,

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  1. Congratulations! You are doing so well, most of the hard part is just doing it. Well I think so anyway. Wishing you luck!

  2. That is so great! I remember when I completed the C25K program. It works really well. You are right, no one said running was a cute sport! haha! Especially when it is hot. My daughter was talking to her friend the other day about how disgusting and sweaty I am when I come home from a run. Lovely conversation to hear...yep, no one said it was a cute sport. Keep up the great work!

  3. You look so unhappy in that last picture! You should be smiling because you are done for the day!


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