C25K - Week 1, Day 3

Today completes Week 1 of the C5K Running Plan.  I knew I would have to go out this morning instead of the evening to fulfill Day 3, but it was so hard after staying up late sewing.  Plus, the last week or so has been full of late morning get-ups.  Gotta fix that soon because I'll be back to work before I know it.

But, today was a good walk/jog.  I was able to cover more territory than my Day 1 program, so that's good.  Since I'm running in a cemetery, my visual markers are graves.  I hope I don't sound morbid, because I don't mean to.  This particular cemetery is one of the places where people where I live walk or jog.  It's full of paved paths and hills.

Exercising in the morning meant more people out, which is kind of scary when you're just starting a program.  Especially when you're not sure your form is right.  But after I finished one of the men told me I did a good job.  Do you say, "Thank you" to that?  I think he was just surprised that I was running in skirt.  LOL

All sweaty on Day 3



  1. Way to go, Libby! I stick to walking, and even that is a challenge some days. I enjoy walking in cemeteries. They are peaceful and usually pretty, too. Especially the older ones. Love the old monuments.

  2. Awesome job, Libby! My mornings are off as well since the kids have been out of school for the summer. Hoping to get things running smoothly soon.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. That's awesome!
    I had to take a 2 week break because of my surgery, but today I completed day 2/week 8!
    Saturday I will run a 5k, my first race and I am so excited.
    We can do it!

  4. That's so awesome that you're running. I'm looking forward to cooler temps so I can start walking again.

  5. Good work Libby! Yes, say thank you to the good jobs you receive. LOL

  6. You go girl! You will be my inspiration then. I'm planning to get back into running again now that the kids are away. This time enlisting the help of the hubby who used to run track in high school for accountability. It's my third start over this year lol! I'm hoping it's a good idea. I like distance running. He's a sprinter. We decided last week to start this week and tonight is the night! Yikes!y

  7. OMG - so happy to see you running!!! Looking forward to watching you complete this race!


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