C25K - Week 4, Day 2

Let me tell you, "Murphy's Law" is for real.  I discovered that the college next door to my job has a nice track.  I was going to try it out today, but it started raining.  In the city where I work, it always rains way more than it does in the city where I live.  So I decided to run in my home city.  I left my earbuds at home accidentally.  I stopped by the Dollar Tree and purchased a pair for $1.  My ears are small so the earbuds that wrap around the ear never work for me.  And you know, that's what the Dollar Tree had, so I got them anyways.  When I got to the cemetery, I put my phone in my newly purchased arm band and the plastic covering was already coming loose on one side which meant my phone has a greater risk of falling out.  Putting all that aside, I ran anyways.

I ran.  With earbuds falling out of my ear, keys on my neck strap jiggling to their own beat, arm band slipping down my arm, I ran.  When one ear bud completely fell out, the arm band slipped down and I had to strap it to my skinny wrist, I ran.  Probably looking a hot mess trying to run while holding one earbud in with one hand and grasping my keys and the other dangling earbud in the other, I ran.  And just after I passed a seemingly super fit guy jogging to a steady beat and I was entering into my last 5-minute run, a little girl probably no older than 3 years old looked at me approaching her as she sat on her tricycle.  As I got closer, I waved, she smiled, then turned her tricycle around and began to peddle ahead of me.  It was as if she was helping me to push through that last leg in the race.  All of this awkward Day 2 was worth it.  "And a little child shall lead them."

Week 4, Day 2

p.s.  In spite of all of this, I was able to surpass my average running time by 0.01 miles.  Just imagine if that stuff hadn't of happened.  Looking forward to Day 3's results.  :-)

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  1. Wait ago Libby! I'm proud of you. Keep it up!

  2. Sounds like a great day, Murphy's Law and all :)

  3. Too funny! Earbuds do not stay in my ear either. The design makes no sense to me. I miss the old days of Walkman-like headphones. They never fell out! I am glad that despite the craziness you were able to persevere!

  4. You are doing a grat job of being consistent with your runs! I have earbud problems too. I can never find a good pair that works well for me.

  5. "All a dream needs to be done is someone who believes that it can be done."

    Roberto Shinyashiki

    And you believed in yourself! Someday I'll post something on my blog for you, wait! ;)

    Enjoy your weekend! :)


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