C25K - Week 4, Day 1

Today was a tough run.  I know it was because of two factors - it was quite humid and there had been a long gap between my last week's run and this one.  Why?  Blame it on Isaac.  Today I was able to squeeze in Day 1 of the Week 4 workout, but squeezing it in meant I had to run in my yard.  I don't totally despise running in my yard, but it is awkward.  You just go round and round the house and my yard isn't level so you do have to be careful not to step incorrectly.

The funny thing about creating a new habit is that you have to be consistent.  Each week I honestly look forward to the jogging experience.  However, this week although I was looking forward to it each day (I even brought a change of clothes to work each day), I could tell that after the disappointment of not being able to run settled in, I was also starting to feel less hesitant to get started even on today.  I started rethinking the idea I just formed this week of participating in a women's only 5K at the beginning of October.  This event is sponsored by the Women's Center of a hospital and is in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, an issue that is very dear to my heart.  Anyhoo, I pushed those thoughts aside and trudged out there.  And I made it.  It was tough, but I made it.

This picture is how I really finished my workout today.

Week 4, Day 1

This picture is for those who like to see me smiling, inspite of everything.  :-)

Until next time,

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  1. Very proud of you Libby for sticking with and just getting the run finished. I'm not sure I would have run around the house just to complete a run. You go girl!!!! :)

  2. I know you're talking about me with that smiling remark. And the fact that you can smile after a humid, yucky run -- well, good for you! Keep on keepin' on!

  3. "The sunshine is to flowers that smiles are to humanity."

    Joseph Addison

    Have a good day!

  4. That first picture is hilarious!!! Good for you to stick to running - I am still slacking on running - this weekend, I'm definitely doing it!

  5. Good work! I have been seeing Isaac on the news up here. Not fun!!!


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