C25K - Week 3, Day 2

When I returned back to work, we all had to take this personality survey.  I discovered that I was "blue".  In a nutshell it means that I am a romantic, a touchy-feely person, I want my job to be done well, but I will always lay aside paperwork if a person needs me.  Things that stress me out are people demanding things in an authoritarian tone and rigid time constraints (especially last minute type things).  Some may consider me over-emotional, but in reality I'm just passionate about what I do.  Yeah, I've taken many a survey and I think this one pretty well sums me up.  I'm "blue".

As a "blue" person, I'm realizing the need for this running regimen.  It allows me a time to unwind.  So when my mother asked me about the party decorations before I could even fully get in from my job and the lady at the library was snippy when I wanted to print out the program on their laser printer and they were closing in 15 minutes, I kindly recognized the red flag, told my mom very nicely that when she keeps asking me about things I already know I have to do in a little time period, it makes me more stressed, and I told the library lady, "Thank you" in a nice voice even when she was rude to me, then I put on my running shoes and hit the trail.

Funny thing is, almost halfway the routine, nature called and I had to leave and resume my workout elsewhere.  The second "track" was really a dirt road.  I've run a trail race before and let me tell you that it's a whole other animal.  The rugged terrain is no joke.  But, I finished.  I felt great.  And now I can handle those programs and decorations plus whatever else I have to do tonight.  :-)

I think I need this running thing more than it needs me.  lol 

Week 3, Day 2
p.s.  My mom told me that when she kept asking about the programs and such, she was really just asking me how she could help.  Communication is a beautiful thing.  :-)

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  1. Sounds like an interesting survey. Not sure what color I would end up being.

    I haven't seen red dirt roads like the one you were running on since I was little. Memories. :)

  2. Your mother's way of asking if you need help is interesting. It's so funny how we assume people understand our meaning. I think in families, especially, it is so easy to read comments as nagging or criticizing when that may not be the intention at all. How nice that the two of you got the messages clear. Now you know what she meant, but she also knows how it came across. That IS beautiful.

  3. Ooohh! I want to know which personality/color I am...

    Good to see you're sticking with your plan. I went on a long walk today, just by myself. No push-ups for me tonight! :)

  4. Those surveys always crack me up since the results always seem to be spot on! Sometimes they can really help us understand ourselves more.

    I laughed when reading about the librarian's beahavoir. I used to be that way since sometimes people swing by my office 5 minutes before quitting time and it used to drive me nuts. Now I wrap things up in advance so I do not become annoyed when someone comes in last minute. LOL.

    Communication is a beautiful thing! It is definately something we learn to do better as we grow older!

  5. Blue sounds like a good color on you. You make me want to run again so bad. At the beginning of the year I was getting back into it, but I gave myself a stress fracture and I have to wait for that to heal. You are doing such a great job though!!

  6. I love that running is proving to be more than just exercise or a race for you - it is also a great release for me too! I took that test a while ago...I was orange, which I believe was supposed to be complimentary to blue :). Keep up the great work running, I love reading these posts.


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