C25K - Week 2, Day 2

Yesterday I was kind of bummed out because I really wanted to complete my Day 2 routine.  However, as it is time to prepare for a new school year, I had to go out of town to get new materials for my classroom and I couldn't get back before dark.  So, I decided I would have to get up early on today and do Day 2 in the morning.

I should have been at the cemetery at 6:30 a.m., but I got there around 6:50 a.m.  The interesting thing is that I don't like to get up early in the morning.  Or rather, I don't like to get up and have to go out and have specific things to do that early.  (I'm working on it since um, I have to work - lol.)  But, I was even surprised that I was ready to go and excited to get started.  That lets me know that my own self-motivation is kicking in.

Day 2 was great!  It wasn't hot out, just a little humid.  No shin splints.  My left leg wasn't doing all that weird stuff like it was on Day 1 and I had a wonderful time.

I will say this, that out of all the types of exercise that I've tried, jogging/running has been the only exercise that has been beneficial to my GI Tract. *read between the lines*  :-D

Week 2, Day 2
To provide additional motivation, one of my running friends sent me a picture of myself when I participated in a 5-mile run 4 years ago that was sponsored by his track club.  I look at that photo and see a more fit version of myself, but also it lets me know that I can do it again.  :-)

To Motivation!,

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  1. *blows carnival whistle of support and advanced celebration*

    A good running day is always a brilliant thing :)

  2. Great photos Libby! It is difficult to get up first things in the morning for a workout. When it is done, it's done. A great way to start the day!


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