Bi-Annual Family Reunion 2012

We rented the space behind this estate.  This is a photo I took in 2010.
On this past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending another family reunion.  This time it was for my grandfather's side of the family.  This reunion lasts two days.  Usually we go out to the homeplace area on Friday night and have a cookout.  Then Saturday morning, we have a breakfast fish fry, and in the after noon we have the regular (more formal) family reunion dinner.  This year was no different...almost.

So how was it different?  My cousin decided to get married at the family reunion!  Yes, everyone was basically already there, there's a preacher in the family, invite a few extra guests and there you have it.  So on Friday night, even though we did have a cookout, we also had a surprise bridal shower for her.  You should have seen her expression.  Priceless!

Saturday morning's fish fry was delicious.  Good 'ol southern style eating.  Fresh fish fried in a pot outside, grits, hashbrowns, and hushpuppies.  Who says you can't have fish for breakfast?  We do that around here.

I would have had photos; you know how I am, BUT I was asked to photograph the wedding and that took all of my mental energy.  I enjoyed every bit of my family, but I was preoccupied with making sure that the wedding photos were the best I could do.

Fast forward to the wedding.  It was supposed to be outside in front of the pool.  The family reunion site we rented is set up like a resort area with a pool, lounge chairs, and lime green umbrellas.  Then there's a cabana room.  Bright green walls.  (Try to imagine like a tiki bar meets sports bar).  Everything was set up.  I was nervous, but I can only do what I can.  I rode in the car with the groom and best man and guess what?  Rain, rain, rain came pouring all over.  Then my phone started buzzing that there was a tornado warning!!!  Needless to say, the wedding was moved indoors.  It was such a small space, but we made it work.

My dad says I was moving around like a linebacker - jumping over people, scooting through tight spaces, climbing on chairs...just to get a shot.  You have to remember, it was probably a 100 people all crammed into a space that we hadn't initially intended.  We still had a blast and the food was good!

On the way back, there was so much rain that we almost hydroplaned.  My dad was driving and knew what to do and we were all glad that he had just put on a new set of tires.  But I know that it was God's mercy that kept us in the road instead of across some field or in a ditch.  I don't know if I've ever been in that much rain before.

And this is only a little indication of the amount of water surrounding my grandmother's house.  I saw trash cans floating in the water, water all the way up to people's front porch steps...amazing!

We'll see what the next reunion holds.  :-)

Until then,


  1. Wow, sounds like quite an adventure. It will give the bridal couple stories to tell anyway.

  2. Never a dull moment with you and your family. :) Glad to hear that a good time was had even with the nasty weather.

  3. wow, that looks like a lake! Glad everyone was fine and that the wedding was a success!

  4. Yikes! This looks like a lot of rain! Weather like that on a special day can really make for more fun memories!


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