Being Neighborly

Helped out a neighbor and they surprised me with a pitcher of fresh horchata (the Mexican style made from rice) and homemade flan.  Drooling.


Ummm, ¡Qué deliciosa!


  1. girl you have been busy! sorry I don't get to stop by more, just been swamped. the horchata looks delicious. I hope it tasted the same. the thought of it being made with rice always stopped me cold as I think consuming rice should involve a fork or spoon, not a straw, lol. But I will have to try it one day!

  2. Meany! Now I want some!!! lol

    Have a great weekend Libby!

  3. Nice neighbors! I've never had that.

    We often clear our neighbor's sidewalk in the winter. One year he brought us a box of steaks from the local butcher!

  4. Your neighbor is so kind. Everything looks delicious!


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