Time for Tea?

If you recall, some time back when I hosted my 1st Tea and Yarn Swap, I mentioned stumbling across a Tea Review blog that also hosts tea swaps every month.  Well, I decided to give that swap a try.  I completed the online questionnaire and waited for the coordinator to email me.  In the meantime, I joined the Tea Review blog's Tea Swap Facebook page so I could get a feel for what the swap would be like.

When I looked at the packages other participants were receiving from the month prior, I realized, this is the real deal.  Not just sending one box or two of tea, but creatively packaging a collection of teas.  There were three rules (which still remain).  Your swap package must contain tea, a tea accessory, and a snack treat.

I don't have a picture of what I sent (shocked right?), but I will tell you that I sent my person a box of mixed berry tea, a can of jasmine tea, and a variety of individual tea packets.  The tea accessory was a box of paper tea pouches to steep loose tea in.  The snack treats were pumpkin seeds, almonds, and trail mix.

I just received my swap this week.  This is what I received.


And check out that miniature tea pot.  Isn't she cute?

In other tea news, I love bargain shopping and I love Ollie's, where the motto is "Good stuff, cheap."  This week, I purchased a new tea kettle.  I had mine for about 8 years and it was tarnishing, the whistle top part broke, and well, it just needed to be replaced.  So I was able to get a Rachel Ray tea kettle for more than half of what it usually sells for.  I love the shape and the bold color.  A perfect match for my Latin-inspired kitchen.  :-)

[Image Source]
If you're interested in participating in a tea swap hosted by the Tea Review Blog, you can find the information here.  They host a swap every month.

To Tea!


  1. Great teapots! I love teapots and I don't even drink tea. The mini one is really charming with its cheerful dragonfly.

  2. Love the little tea pot with the pretty dragonflies. How cute! Have fun trying all the teas out.

  3. Too cute. I am going to have to check this out.

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  4. (seriously, your blog does eat my comments!)

    So cute! I make my tea by putting a glass of water in the microwave so looking at your tea accesories makes me happy. I see pomegranate tea bags? Wonder why don't we have it here in the land of pomegranates (aka my hometown). I'm sure it tastes wonderful!

  5. This is such a fun swap! The little dragonfly teapot is so adorable. I love the Rachel Ray kettle. The color is fabulous!


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