Staying Hydrated - Channeling My Inner Mixtress

It's an understatement to say that it is really hot this summer.  With that heat, it bears a degree of consequences on our hair and skin.  One of my hair and skin challenges is to retain moisture, so when it's this hot, my typical regimen has to change.  What about you?

One thing for sure is this:  we have to drink lots of water (whether we like it or not).  I'll be the first one to admit that drinking a lot of water is a challenge for me.  A cold glass of water on a hot summer day really hits the spot, but to continue to drink it over and over again...well, that's the problem.

I've seen lots of wonderful spa waters on Pinterest that may prove to be of help to me, so I'm passing them off to you as well.  Don't they look yummy?

Drinking lots of water is sure to help the skin and hair in the process.

Some time ago, I read a blog post about a girl who misted her hair and skin throughout the day.  At the time I thought, "Really?"  Have you seen what happens to my hair when water hits it?  But now I'm seeing merit in what she said.  Our hair and skin really do need water for its moisturizing properties.  So here I have my own misting spray as well as a shea butter mix for hair and skin.  Although I've made shea butter mixes in the past, this particular one was inspired by Naptural85's own mix.  My difference:  I measured my ingredients and added my own blend of essential oils.

{Moisturizing Misting Spray}
distilled water
aloe vera juice (inner fillet)
carrier oil of choice (I used jojoba oil)
essential oils (I used lavender, lemongrass, lemon, and peppermint)
spray bottle

Fill 1/3 of a spray bottle with aloe vera juice and 2/3 with water.  Add 2 tablespoons of your carrier oil.  Add drops of essential oil.  I used 2 drops of each oil.  Put top on the spray bottle, shake before using, and spray away!

Can be used on hair and skin.

{Whipped Shea Butter Mix}
4 oz. of raw unrefined shea butter (I used the white kind)
1 T unrefined coconut oil
1 T JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil - I used the lavender scented one)
1 T jojoba oil
1 T olive oil
1/2 T Vitamin E oil
essential oils of your choice (I used lemongrass, lemon, and peppermint)
plastic sandwich bag
glass mixing bowl
hand mixer
jar or container to store shea mixture in (I cleaned and saved all my Shea Moisture 8 oz. moisturizer jars)

All ingredients should be room temperature.  Combine all of the oils except for the essential oils in a glass mixing bowl.  On a low speed, mix all of the ingredients until you reach a creamy consistency and there are no lumps.  Then add the essential oils and mix in.  Spoon the shea butter mixture into a clean plastic sandwich bag.  Snip off the end of the bag to create a piping bag (like a cake decorator would use).  Squeeze shea mixture into a clean jar or storage container.  Enjoy!

Can be used for skin or hair (if your hair is the type to need oil, like mine).

I love the idea that "Less is More" and I strive to use as few products as possible to reach my personal goals.  Soon I will be starting a new shampoo of sorts - it's really a hair mud.  When I start using that, I will use only this misting spray and shea butter mix (if not mine, then one similar) that only use natural products.  I hope it's all that my hair needs.  :-)

Hope you can find some use in these recipes and DIY products.


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  1. There is something about presenting an item or object in a jar that makes it instantly desirable, haha!

  2. Those waters look so refreshing! I'm not as good about drinking water as I should be. I tend to gravitate toward Diet Coke. I'm trying to make myself drink water instead (at least sometimes!) because I know it is healthier.

  3. The spa waters look yummy! Plain water does get a bit lame after a while. Perked up water sounds better. :0

  4. i love those jars--very interesting!

  5. Excellent post. I'm ready to stay hydrated! Would you share this at the Farmgirl Blog Hop?

  6. These spa waters are beautiful and I am sure they taste great too! I have always been a water drinker so I crave it. It has been super humid where I am so my skin always feels hydrated!

  7. Hi Libby (yes I am alive :). I haven't heard about this spa water kick, but I'm liking the looks and sound of it. Perhaps THIS will be our beverage of choice for Naja's birthday party this weekend. If so, I'll definitely let you know :)


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