Roasted Tomato-Basil Sauce {Recipe}

Sometimes in just browsing the internet, you stumble upon some amazing recipes.  Participating in link parties has narrowed down the search.  It's even better when what you find coincides with what you need to make from what you have on hand.  Aldi's had a sale on grape tomatoes.  I had fresh basil.  I keep garlic and olive oil at all times, and so making this recipe was a real easy task.  I've not done much roasting of vegetables, but this Roasted Tomato-Basil sauce recipe had me roasting away and has given me a new found love for roasted veggies.

I think I'll show you the photos first and then the recipe.  Changing up things a little bit.

Tomatoes, Garlic, Olive Oil

Fresh basil (smells sooo good!)

Roasted Tomatoes with Basil Atop

Then there's some cooking and pureeing, but I didn't photograph that.

To see the entire step-by-step process as well as this super easy recipe, visit here.  And you know I had to pin it so I could remember to make it.

Source: via Libby on Pinterest

This gives me another alternative to the typical simmer all-day-long spaghetti sauce.  :-)

Bon Appetit,

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  1. I've never tried roasting tomatoes. I bet it really brings out the flavor. This looks like a fun recipe to try.

    (I think maybe we are related -- first it was the same shelf paper; now I see we have the same cutting board too!)

  2. You can't go wrong with those 4 ingredients. Especially when you roast them. YUM!!!

  3. oh may! I have plenty of cherry tomatoes and basil!!!

  4. YUM!!! OMG, I love roasted tomatoes & Basil - this looks absolutely delicious! (PS - note that I'm responding 3 weeks later, smh, yes I am just now reading this aah!)

    1. It's quite alright. Love to have you anytime you have time to stop by. :-)


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