Monday's Feature: Projects Around the House

Meet Christine of Projects Around the House.

I first "met" Christine through a link party.  What drew me to her blog initially were her posts on how to "Beautify Your Blog".  I learned so much about how other bloggers created such neat tools for their blogs.  Upon browsing her blog, I realized that we had a lot in common and that there was more to explore on her blog. 

On the "Projects Around the House" blog, there's a tab on the top menu that organizes Christine's projects so that they are easy to find.  Here is just a sampling of what you will find on her blog:

Crochet and Knit Projects
Crocheted Sock Monkey

Clothing and Accessories Projects

Anthro Knock-Off Necklace

Jewelry Organization Display Tutorial

Home Projects
Kitchen Redo

Cooking Projects
Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

and of course the Beautify Your Blog series.

There's more to offer in each of the subheadings, but you'll just have to have fun exploring her blog to find out more.  I sure have!  I'm excited to learn more and be inspired by the new things that Christine makes and tries.  And I guarantee that you will too.  :-)

Note:  Each icon or caption is linked to their respective posts.  :-)

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  1. oh...the sock monkey hat! I need 3 of them!

  2. Love that sock monkey hat. I bought (because I can't knit) my daughters a hat like that last Christmas. They wear it all. the. time. They're 11.


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