Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #13

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Tis the season of birthdays. 

My Mom's birthday was Sunday.  She tries to be all modest, but she was beaming all day.  She'll never really admit it, but she loves to receive cards and handwritten letters.  Apparently her aunt knows that (they are practically the same age and like the same things) and this aunt wrote my Mom a 1-page letter.  My Mom made me read it.  That's how I know she was overjoyed to receive it.  Then my Mom placed all of her cards around the living room where I'm sure they'll stay for quite some time.  Perhaps until the next card-giving season.  Thanksgiving is a long time away....

My grandma's birthday is coming up next month.  She will be 80 and we're planning a big celebration.  If you recall, my grandmother doesn't like surprises so she knows of this event.  But I still think there's room for at least one surprise.  :-)

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I forgot to mention that last week I finally got my temporary crown for the 2nd molar.  It was a very awkward procedure since the tooth in question is the very last molar (not including wisdom teeth - those have been long removed) on the upper set of teeth.  With my sinus drainage and the weird position of my neck and head to get the procedure done, I had to sit up occasionally and breath, etc, etc.  I guess my dentist was okay with that because at one point, he walked out and said he'd be right back...his carpel tunnel was acting up!  I'll get the porcelain crown in the final round of this root canal process.  That is, after my dentist returns from his knee surgery.....

This week I was able to get a little more stash for my craft studio from the card store that is going out of business.  This time I got 2 turn-around racks (one for bookmarks, one for notecards) and a rack for hanging short chains on.  You see all that costume jewelry?  The white beads have basketball icons on them.  The store owner was practically giving them away at $0.30 a set (each set consisted of 3 necklaces).  I'll find some way to repurpose them.  Then there are two embroidered flags with the letter "E".  One is for fall and one is for Christmas.  I think they will look fantastic on my white tent at fall/winter shows.

These racks also came in handy because today I am vending at the Lumber River State Park.  I'll let you know how that went next week.I   So, in the end, I overslept and wouldn't have had time to make it there by the set up time.  Oh, well.  Good thing I didn't have to pay a fee for participation.  So instead, I met my dad for breakfast, went back home and took a nap.  :-)  Next time....

If you noticed, I have a new sidebar section called "Button Swap Love".  I borrowed this idea from a new bloggy friend, Christine from Projects Around the House.  She has agreed to swap her button for one from other crafty blogs.  I was honored that she agreed to swap with me and also that she wrote a post about my blog on hers.  You can read the feature here.  I was featured on her blog on this past Tuesday.  I will definitely return the favor as well.  If anyone else is interested in doing the same thing - a button swap - please let me know.  :-)

As you have noticed, I've been participating in these blog link parties recently, and my chest of drawers makeover project was chosen to be highlighted on the Oh My DIY website.  I was overjoyed because this website, the companion to The Shabby Creek Cottage blog features the best of the bunch from the Transformation Thursday link party.  You can see the feature here.  :-)

Until next time,


  1. You've got a lot going on there Libby. Have a wonderful weekend at the park. Looks like a lovely place to be spending the day. Happy Birthday to your Mom and Grandma. :)

  2. That is so sweet that your aunt gave your mom a handwritten letter. Letters are a special thing we do not see often these days. Your grandmother is so young! My living grandmother is 95! I am glad to hear your tooth is on its way to repair! Cool new rack you got there. Have a wonderful week Libby!

  3. Dental woes are right up my alley. You're through the tough part with the crown. I just had one put on at the beginning of the year. Congrats on being featured and reaching the 100 gfc followers mark! That's exciting!

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