Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #11

I've been working hard on my furniture redo project. So hard in fact that I haven't been able to get physically started on the commissioned blanket order.  The truth is, I have started that order - mentally.  It might sound crazy, but it takes me a long while to complete a new project because I first have to complete it in my head.  I think I may have mentioned that before in one of my posts.  But, I do "turn over" the project in my head many, many times, especially if it involves cutting fabric.  Especially if it involves cutting fabric that the customer brought.  Yeah, kinda scary.  But, I've finally pulled myself away from the furniture project (which is almost done - expect lengthy posts, lots of pictures, and a video) and started the first physical step on the blanket order - washing the fabric.

I do not own a clothes line.  Oh, how I wish I did.  But the railings on my deck are serving as a free clothes line in this heat.  This fleece will probably be dry before I finish typing this post.

In spite of the heat and limited rainfall, the cherry tomatoes have been trying their best to grow.  I was so excited to see this bit of red this week.

And here is my first batch of tomatoes.  Aren't they cute?

The peppers haven't started to grow yet.  In fact, I have one pepper hanging on for dear life.

And the herbs?  I've enjoyed bits of fresh basil here and there, because the basil was in abundance, but I'm thinking of harvesting it all because it's struggling in this heat.  How fast can you say, "pesto"?  Now say it three times.  LOL

Oh, and remember that root canal I had recently?  Now my dentist is back from vacation I can get a temporary crown.  The endodontist was only responsible for the actual root canal.  It seems like forever since I had the root canal, and let me tell you - eating on one side of your mouth all this time is no fun.  So let me at least look forward to part 2 of this root canal process.  Then on to part 3 - the actual crown.  Oh joy.

Lauren and I enjoyed a girl's afternoon out and we went to get a pedicure.  I've had a pedicure maybe one or two times before, but this was the first time I got my toes painted with color!  My nails are usually all natural.  We had such a great time!

Don't be creeped out by the foot photos.  Also, although you can't tell in this picture, my toes are painted a matte purple.  Here, they just look gray.

And finally, this post is my 999th post, so that means the very next post you see will be my 1000th post Giveaway!  Stay tuned.

Happy Saturday,


  1. i feel for you about that eating on one side thing--it seems i am always having to do that---so glad you will get your crown soon!--your tomatoes look great--and congrats on the post!

    1. Thank you, Lynne. And I do hope that when I get the temporary crown I can eat, even if carefully. We are supposed to have a dinner celebration for a friend this week. I don't want to get stuck eating only mashed potatoes!

  2. I can't believe you don't have a clothes line. That is a must in Spain! How do you let your clothes dry? Tumble-dryer? That's a no-no if you want to go green, and I know you want because I follow your pinterest eco-friendly board. I would get you a clothes line for your birthday if I were sure the US postal service would allow me to send it one.

    Peppers will take longer to grow. Here in the hottest area of the country the pepper harvest season is in August, so I guess it will be even later in your climate. Tiny tomatoes look delicious. Are they sweet?

    I think now I know what that root canal was about (bless my simple English which allowed me to be in the dark). Crossing my fingers you get the actual crown asap so you can eat homegrown pesto, tomatoes and peppers comfortably.

    That's all. Looking forward to your 1000th post!

    1. You know, as a country girl, I grew up having a clothes line my whole life and my grandma still uses hers too. But where I am now, the land is not fully planned and so although I want a clothes line and a lot of other things in the yard, I have to make sure it is built in the proper place that won't have to be later uprooted. Usually the clothes lines around here have been cemented into the ground.

      Now what do I do? I have a clothes rack that I use indoors and sometimes I hang clothes across furniture all over the house, and of course there is the forbidden dryer. shhh, don't tell the green-police. :-)

  3. Foldable racks are a great substitute for a clothes line Libby. That is what I use. My yard is an awkward shape for one. And the racks are low enough that the neighbors don't see what is drying outside. ;) I'm patiently waiting for my tomatoes. It's hard being patient. :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by the blog hop. I am following you back:> I saw your name is Libby. That is my daughters name too! So cute! I haven't meet another Elizabeth that went by Libby. How fun!

  5. Good luck on the furniture project Libby! The tomatoes look delicious!!! Homemade pesto is SO GOOD. Love the pedis!

  6. Yay for your tomatoes! We had one little one get ripe and I split it into three pieces so each of us could have a taste. So much more flavorful than the grocery store tomatoes!

  7. I got peppers yesterday..yea!! and few cherry tomatoes...but they are coming..can't wait!!!
    congrats on your posting!


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