Lessons in Life and Crafting: Waste Not, Want Not

Sometimes when others realize that you are a yarnoholic, they either suggest ways or even help you fall further into the depths of yarn, but sometimes they continue to give you ideas of how you can use your yarns.  I've heard a lot of suggestions over the years, but recently I was shown a scarf that really (IMO) was just a very eclectic combination of leftover yarns. 

Since I'm still working to bring my craft space under submission, I've spent some time taking those leftover yarns that aren't enough to make much of anything unless it's granny squares or a very colorful ripple project and winding them into small balls. 

I decided that those types of scarves which are meant more for fashion than anything, would be perfect for craft shows.  I'm learning to learn the market, and that means offering something worthwhile for the crowd that attends each show.  Each crowd is different, but it's a good idea to offer something for each budget.  My next craft show event is in a couple of weeks.

So here are some of the scarves that have been created from my stash.  "Waste not, want not" as the old adage goes.  You like?

Happy Crafting,


  1. Very cute idea Libby! Endless possibilities there.

  2. Those are really cute. Great color combinations.

  3. Agree with Kar, endless possibilities. Have never seen that kind of scarves before. :-)


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