Free Strawberry Jam {Recipe}

Free?  Yeah.  Gluten Free.  Pectin Free.  Sugar Free.  (Well, truth be told, a friend informed me that most jams are gluten free, but the recipe I used said it so I just repeated it.  lol)

Remember that blueberry jam I made?  Well, I just used the same recipe, minus the lemon juice.  This recipe is so simple because it only uses 2 ingredients - berries and agave nectar.

Strawberry Jam (original recipe source)
makes1 1/2 pts

2 lbs of fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced
1 cup agave nectar

Combine strawberries and agave in a saucepot.  Heat over medium high heat, bringing it to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer until mixture thickens.  Remove pot from heat and allow to cool to room temperature before storing in jars.

  • The original recipe says that the strawberry jam will thicken in 20 minutes, but when my blueberry jam didn't quite *jam* until much later after it was refrigerated, I knew mine had to be cooked a little longer.  My jam simmered for 40 minutes.  
  • The original recipe also says that this jam lasts for 1 week in the refrigerator.  Humm?  The blueberry one says it lasts for 1 month in the refrigerator and the same ingredients are used.  Part of this is because the author stated that jam doesn't last very long in her house.  Since there's just me in mine, I'll freeze my jam.  :-)
So where's the other 1/2 pint jar missing from the picture?  I sent it to my grandma.  She says it was good.  Not too sweet, just how she likes it.  And me too!  :-)

If you decide to pin this recipe, please pin the original source - here.  Thank you.  :-)

Guess what?  My mom sent me a bag of cherries.....

Jam On!

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  1. What an easy recipe! I'm surely going to have to try this one Libby. My crew loves homemade jams.

  2. I'm definitely pinning this recipe. Thank you!!

  3. Mmm! This sound delicous! Now you will have to try making cherry jam! I have actually never tried cherry jam before. That sounds unique!

  4. YUM! Strawberry jam is my favorite! Would you share this at Sweet Saturday?

  5. Yum - I have been jam obsessed lately! Like you, I make the super easy 2 ingredient kind. Visiting from Creative Bloggers Party & Hop :)


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