Mix-Matched Planter Makeover {Tutorial}

I decided to plant some marigolds around my back deck this year.  As mentioned before, marigolds release a fragrance that bugs do not like and so they act as a bug deterrant.  Plus I hear that the taste of the marigold (to a bug) is pretty awful as well.  My first set of marigolds burned up before I could even get them in the ground.  I was in the process of conducting a vinegar test (more on that later) and if you recall I receive almost 100% full sun in my backyard.  Even full-sun plants can hardly stand it.  So, I had to purchase some more marigolds.  This time I opted for Tall African Marigolds.  I love the height and the width of the blooms.

Because of the location of electrical wiring underground, I was instructed not to plant my flowers in the original location, so I decided to pot them.  I had one planter on a pedestal in brown leftover from another year and I found a matching one (in style, but not in color) just recently.  Having a set of mix-matched planters wasn't going to work for me so I decided to paint them.

You can check out the easy step-by-step process on my video tutorial.

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  1. Love the red with the orange blossoms. Great pops of color for your yard.

  2. Very nice and sweet video... Put it on hgtv!!!


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