Prototypes Revealed

It takes me a long time to make a decision.  I don't mean those type of decisions like when you're driving and you miss your exit, what should you do type of decision, but rather design decisions.  Part of that is because I'm picky.  Part is because I'm a perfectionist who doesn't like to waste materials.  Part is because I don't like remaking things because of human error.  But mostly because I'm a bit crazed.

So how do I survive like this?  I take my dear sweet time.  You don't know how many sketches I make and remake.  You don't know just how often I'm sitting there thinking about the process from beginning to end, literally working my way mentally around each challenge.  Does this mean that whatever I make is flawless.  Of course not, but it means (for me) that the next time I make it, it will be nearly perfect - knock on wood.

Prototype #1

I've been admiring zippered pouches for a while.  I almost finished making one eons ago, but that project made me realize that I had to hone a few skills.  Plus you know I live in a crafting supplies-deprived area so purchasing material for the linings to match my fabric AND getting the right sized zippers was a major holdup.  Then I kind of forgot about it.  But now I realize that I really need zippered pouches.  It's kind of shameful when your own purse has junk rolling around in there and there is an easy solution - zippered pouches.

This zippered pouch is the first one that proved to me that YeS, I can make a zippered pouch that lines up properly.  Is it the right size?  No.  I can't remember now why I made it so long.  I think I just made it the size to match the zipper I had.  Easy fix.  It's made from leftover upholstery fabric from that apron project from 2009!.

Prototype #2

I knew I wanted to make bags when I got this load of upholstery samples.  But then there was still that fabric and notions problem rearing its ugly head.  Somewhere around the time of solving my first zippered pouch fail, I'd been noticing some shops like this one who basically created a zippered pouch large enough to be considered a clutch.  Humm, that was an idea.  So began my ideas of a clutch, more specifically.  Then I saw this idea.  So again, the drawings and daydreaming began.  Finally, I was tipped over the edge and pushed into production when Ayana posted her Silhouette Clutch tutorial...that, and the fact I found a zipper and some fabric I really, really loved!  Both fabrics are African Wax Prints.


There are some changes I need to make, but the most noticeable one is the fact that my label is so far to the edge of my bag.  That happened after I made the gussets.  I've got to practice that technique again.

I used so much math.  Let me repeat, I used so much math.  Seriously, if school could be like this...

Right now I'm just getting the ideas down, but my plan is to create all OOAK pieces.  So, what do you think? 

Happy Crafting,


  1. Nice work Libby! I understand that zippers and corners are difficult to accomplish but your planning has paid off!

    I e-mailed the vegetable pie recipe to your gmail account (in case it went into Spam since I attached a scanned recipe).

  2. I think you are a beast at sewing! I love the little zippered pouch. It's sitting PERFECTLY flat around the zipper!


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