My Tea and Yarn Package...Arrived

I was excited to host my 1st Tea and Yarn Swap.  I hope all those that participated had a fun time selecting yarn and tea for your swap partner.  If you have not received your package yet, be patient.  All packages have been sent but may reach their destinations at different times due to location differences.

I received my swap package on Thursday, but practiced great restraint from opening it until Friday afternoon - the last day of school for the kids!  Opening my package from Stacey (a.k.a. The Weekend Knitter) was my treat to self.

Let me say that she has officially won the award for packaging.  She has mastered that art and has given me a standard to live up to.  I loved the entire package, down to the aromas of the teas.  I've never been or had anything from Teavana before, but now I will put that on my list.  The yarns were absolutely yummy, and I really can't say enough about how much I loved my package.  Thank you so much, Stacey!

Now, what you really want to see is what she sent.  The rest of this story will be told in pictures.  :-)

If you participated in this swap and are blogging or vlogging about your package, feel free to post the link to your blog post in the comment section below.

Until the next swap,


  1. You are right, she did a beautiful job with the packaging. We discovered Teavanna last fall. My son got our daughter one of their great iron teapots for Christmas, then things kind of spiraled out of control (expenses-wise) when she and my husband visited the store after Christmas.

  2. Wow! The packaging is so beautiful! Then the tea looks as delicious as the flavors sound. I love, love, love tea in the cooler months but also drink it at my air conditioned job in the summer. Enjoy!

  3. A great job on the gift wrapping indeed! Wow!!! And the yarn is gorgeous with all the different shades that are in it. Have fun enjoying that. :)

  4. Is that furoshiki? Oh, what I wouldn't give to get tea and yarn through the mail...instead of spam fast food restaurant leaflets ;_;

  5. Is that a furoshiki wrap? Gorgeous! Now you need to learn to use it yourself. What a fun thing to do! I love that yarn, it looks really soft. And I think I am starting to smell the teas. Oh well, I just hope my package don't take ages to arrive in here!

  6. I was getting a little giddy following the progression of the photos, and I'm not a tea drinker or knitter! Beautiful package and fantastic job capturing the excitement.

  7. Hey Libby! I'm so glad you liked it. :)


    1. Thank you again. After dinner tonight, I steeped me a cup of Youthberry. Delicious. :-)


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