Calling All Activists: Helping La Peña's Mural Campaign

Do you remember Robert Trujillo?  He was one of my featured artists.  He's also a part of a collective group called Trust Your Struggle that is embarking upon a wonderful community project - to breathe new life into the Berkeley-Oakland mural, originally known as “Song of Unity: Cancion de la Unidad”.

The original mural, painted in 1978, is beyond repair. So this group of artists will be working collaboratively with the original muralists and La Peña Cultural Center to create a new one. The group has only 6 days left to raise the funds to make this project happen.

For more information about the fund raising campaign please visit:  Indiegogo Campaign launched May 25th, continuing until July 2nd.

On the abovementioned site, you will find out how you can financially help this cause as well as how you can spread the word to others.  I've given them my financial support. Would you consider doing the same?

I'll leave you with the words of La Peña's Indiegogo fundraising campaign coordinator, Manuel Alonso, "Changing the street view of La Peña with a new mural will spark new interest in the neighborhood, and in us, as we continue to be a welcoming center for progressive communities to come together, and artists to teach and develop their message. Murals have the power to change communities. The legacy of La Peña, as a home and a hub for cultural activism continues with each new generation."

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